Becamex IDC and Tokyo Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding


October 27, 2011 at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, Becamex IDC Corp. and Tokyu Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work toghether for industrial, service and urban development within Binh Duong Province in particular and Vietnam in general. Cooperation agreement between Becamex IDC Corp. and Tokyu Corporation. is expected to bring significant achievements in the field of urban development in Binh Duong and Vietnam.

Under the cooperation agreement, Becamex IDC Corp and Tokyu Corporation will set up a reseach and development group to select highly feasible projects for investment as well as promoting collaboration between Becamex IDC Corp. and Tokyu Corporation.

Mr Nguyen Van Hung – Chairman and CEO of Becamex IDC Corp.and Mr Hirofumi Nomoto – CEO of Tokyu Corporation entered into the MOU.

Tokyo Corporation is operating in various activities such as metro industry, urban renewal, transportation, retail , hotel and education… in Japan.

Becamex IDC Corp. is involving in the key areas such as securities, finance, insurance, banking, construction, trade, real estate, services, communications – information technology, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and education in Vietnam. Becamex IDC has achieved sucesses in many areas such as infrastructure invesment and development for transporation, industrial park, residential and urban areas.

The common feature of the two group is both are multi-industry economic corporations investing into large-scale projects to provide stable and sustainable living environment for people.