Becamex Social Housing Project, Phase 2011 – 2015


Afternoon July 5, at office of Provincial People’s Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung and Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Liem chaired the meeting with Becamex IDC to present Becamex Social Housing Project for phase 2011-2015. The meeting had the participation of relevant departments, sectors and project client.

Becamex Social Housing Project invested by Becamex IDC aims at solving housing and accommodation demand for workers in the province, helping the low income people access and own the houses at low price and ensured quality, providing living and entertainment places to gradually improve living conditions to stabilize the human resources for the province.

Besides, the project will also help Binh Duong to keep key human resources for industrial parks to ensure the priority objects receive policies from the state and aims at objective of ensuring the human resources for industrial parks in general and bigger objective of attracting more labors for sustainable economic development.

Basing on development features of industrial parks of Binh Duong province, the pilot project will be carried out at Thu Dau Mot town (Hoa Cu Residential Area) and Ben Cat district (My Phuoc 1, My Phuoc 2, My Phuoc 3 Residential areas and Industrial Parks, Thoi Hoa Residential and Industrial Park, Bau Bang Industrial Park and Residential Area) to meet housing demand of staffs, public servants, officers, professional soldiers, workers, objects who had to return the public houses, students, pupils at universities, colleges, professional intermediary schools, low income people working at industrial parks.

Social Housing project is designed with many blocks of 1 ground floor and 4 storeys and kindergartens, nursery school, commercial center, parking area, health station, entertainment areas,…Becamex Social House is offered for sales at average price of 130 million dong per flat of 30 square meters and 260 million dongs per flat of 60 square meters.

Spoke at the meeting, Chairman Le Thanh Cung confirmed this is a practical and urgent project to implement the policy of the province in constructing houses for workers at the present, thus Becamex IDC is required to quickly implement the project in coming time. The chairman also noted that the project should be carried out at boundary of Ben Cat district and Thu Dau Mot town firstly and then at Thuan An town and Di An town; project should follow the industrial-urban and modern design with from 7-10 storeys provided with sufficient services at ground floor; functional sectors should consider and calculate to give supports in terms of capital, tax, land so that the project is implemented soon.

Sources: E-website of Binh Duogn province