Binh Duong commenced Project of social insurance house in stage 2011 – 2015


This morning (24-2), in Hoa Loi urban area, Binh Duong Industry – Service and Urban Complex , the PPC and One Member Company Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (Becamex IDC) held the commencement of the project for constructing the social insurance house in Binh Duong, stage 2011-2015, Hoa Loi social insurance houses. Vice PM Hoang Trung Hai, Former President Nguyen Minh Triet, Secretary of Provincial Committee Mai Que Trung, PPC Chairman Le Thanh Cung as well as representatives from Central and Binh Duong ministries, branches, agencies were the participants of the commencement.

Vice PM Hoang Trung Hai as well as the Central and Binh Duong Provincial leaders pushed to commence the project in Hoa Loi social insurance houses

Vice PM Hoang Trung Hai as well as the Central and Binh Duong Provincial leaders pushed to commence the project in Hoa Loi social insurance houses
The social insurance houses project in Binh Duong, stage 2011-2015 invested by Becamex IDC will construct about 64,700 houses, serving for 164,000 people. The construction area of 240ha, expected to construct in 37 pilot locations in towns TX.TDM, Thuan An, Di An, districts of Tan Uyen and Ben Cat, with total investment budget of 10,830 billion dongs. Objectives for serving are the persons who are in need of house, including: officers, staffs; professional servicemen, officers; low-income persons in urban area; people of urban area who do not obtain a house, resettling households and businesses that are in need to buy houses for their own worker to stay or hire.

The social house group of the urban areas is constructed including many house blocks with a scale of one ground floor including 4 floors. The houses are brought with price proper with the average income earned by labors. Currently the price of houses is just 90 million dongs/each of 30m2 /completed construction (exclusive of VAT). The buyer will pay in many times under the construction schedule. In addition, the buyer will be in consideration to loan from Banks and issued with the long-term land-and-home ownership certificate upon completion of payment under Contract.

Addressing at the commencement, Vice PM Hoang Trung Hai congratulated the PPC, businesses, labors and Binh Duong residents on the occasion of such importantly socio-economic event; as well as addressed: “caring for the livings of low-income labors is a large target which is paid attention by the Party and State, including the house development.” After issuing the Law of House, the Government has issued many policy regimes and models to develop the types of houses in order to meet the demand of house for the society, including the house program for low-income persons, the poor in countryside, students, workers in industrial zones, processing zones, house program in flooding areas in Mekong Delta…to meet the demand of society.

As the consequence, to 2010, the nation was expected to reach the proposition of houses at about 10.5m2/person and of 18.6m2/person to 2011. Each year the nation is invested to construct and putted into use of 100 million m2 of houses. To reach the objective of becoming an industrial nation in 2020, The government issued the strategy for house from 2011-2020 and vision to 2030, in which stating the objectives of to22m2/person to 2015, 25m2/person to 2020 and 30m2/person to 2030 . To implement this policy, the Government found Binh Duong province deploy drastically and prepared the plan of constructing houses to 2015, of which stating specific objectives to meet the demand on houses for the province with the speed of socio-economic development, shift of socio-economic structure to urbanization direction to 2015 with a reach of 80%…

The Government appraises this effort of Binh Duong and in fact Binh Duong province has constructed models of calling businesses to invest to develop the social houses programs to meet the demand of the provincial workers and residents.

Commencement in My Phuoc social houses

Vice PM Hoang Trung Hai has praised the leaders of Binh Duong and businesses who positively prepared the social house programs to 2020. As well as suggest a pilot of the model of house for hiring to Binh Duong province and the Central ministries, branches, agencies, because the model of Becamex IDC houses is greatly modern and competitive.

Thus, the long-term model in the house strategy suggested by the Government is for hiring. To do this, it should have an association between the local government, businesses and Banks in order to construct a long –term credit model to ensure the credit model for the hiring persons. The Government desires, in the next time, as well as the model of house development for the low-income persons, the model of house for hiring is also applied much in Binh Duong…