EIU – Objectives, Functions and Missions



To train the human resources, talents, personality in the direction of profession, practice and execute technological technical services serving for the socio-economic development of Binh Duong Province and the Southeastern region; To try to make Eastern International University be ranked in top 20 leading universities in Vietnam in 2020, top 100 in the Southeast Asian area, top 250 in Asia and top 2000 in the world. Science research and training products of Eastern International University keep pace with those of universities in the same ranking top.


  • Eastern International University trains multi-levels (primary, intermediate, college, university and after 2015 will consider to open post-graduate training) mainly on fields of economics, technology and management.
    International association on training and high technology transfer
  • Supplemental training, advancing and updating knowledge
  • Connecting levels, majors inside and outside the university
  • Science research and executing technological, technical services.
  • Being the bases of culture and cultural standard improvement of Binh Duong people.


  • To train to meet 90% demand for technological, technical human resource for Becamex IDC, about 60% for Binh Duong Province and about 10% for the Southeastern provinces with high technological, technical level.
  • To provide enough technological, technical majors that Becamex and Binh Duong need.
  • To retrain, update, improve knowledge at the requests of enterprises.
  • To do science researches, technological, technical services in order to meet the demands of enterprises and bring technological, technical advances of Binh Duong to keep pace with those of developed countries.
  • To be a key force for high technology parks of Binh Duong.