Infrastructure of Industrial Zone


1/ Transportation infrastructure

  • Becamex’s industrial zones are located on National Highway 13 which is a trunk road connected to major routes nationwide.
  • Internal road system is 25-62m wide. The asphalt concrete surface has a loading capacity of 40-60 tons.
  • My Phuoc-Tan Van Expressway which is 30 km long with six lanes started its construction in early 2008. It connects industrial zones (IZs) with the southern key economic areas, helping goods transportation from IZs to major seaports and airports in 25 minutes with the reduced cost of 70% in comparison with other existing transportation routes.
  • Besides, Raised Expressway on Highway 13 has been designed by Becamex IDC, cooperating with Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design General Institute, China. This highway section is 25.7km long, connecting Binh Phuoc Cross-street and So Sao Cross-street. In this section, the 20.16km long raised expressway will be an improtant backbone bridging large-scale Industrial Parks in Bing Duong with the main paths to Binh Phuoc and highland areas.

2/ Power and water supply

  • Power supply: An electrical substation with total capacity of 500 MAV and a 22KV national grid supply electricity to the boundary of land lots.
  • Water supply: Becamex IDC’s Water Supply and Drainage Company has a piping system from Ø 27 to Ø 800 which forms a closed circuit water supply pipe within the area. This system directly comes to each plant to ensure the water supply capacity of approximately 80,000 m3/day & night.
  • The industrial zones also has a booster pumping station, two water tanks at each area and nearly 300 fire hydrants.

3/ Wastewater treatment plant

  • Wastewater treatment plant (treatment from type B to type A) with the capacity of 16,000 m3/ day & night ensures to receive and process sewage treatment according to the grade A of TCVN 5945: 2005 standards before being discharged into rivers

4/ Telecommunications:

  • Vietnam Technology and Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (a member of Becamex IDC) is in charge of providing the industrial zones with telecom infrastructure.
  • Telephone cable system is installed to the land lot boundaries with unlimited capacity, meeting customer’s requirements. Fiber optics system can be connected with advanced telecom applications and other channels.
  • Telephone services: IDD, VoIP, and ADSL.