Location of Binh Duong New City


As per the planning map of 1/500 1/500, New urban are of Binh Duong will consist of the following items:

1. Concentrated administrative center of Binh Duong City, forming a new feature in the reform of administrative management system so as to more effectively serve the people.

2. High-technology park

3. Financial, banking and securities center

4. Offices for lease, luxury restaurants and hotels

5. International convention and exhibition centers, universities

6. Community service centers: squares, parks, ecolakes, cultural centers, kindergartens and hospitals.

7. Technical infrastructure works: road, drainage, underground cable and communication … system

The new urban area will become political, economic, cultural, social center of the entire province. This modern, dynamic and sustainable urban center will be ready to serve more than 125,000 inhabitants and over 400,000 people regularly working here. Complying with the approved planning, Becamex IDC has built modern infrastructure and public transportation system to favorably connect with other neighbouring provinces and cities. In addition, Becamex IDC has conducted a number of marketing activities to call for domestic and international experienced and prestigious investors who have strong financial and engineering potential to invest in all the secondary work items of the urban area.

When the construction is completed, this new urban area will become a city of trade, technology and services, meeting the following objectives:

  • A new city developed in accordance with the design standards of modern and eco-friendly urban area.
  • To offer the best services.
  • A model developed based on new ideas of design and technology to attract new types of high-tech services.