Binh Duong Industrial – Service And Residential Complex

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Binh Duong Industrial – Service And Residential Complex

Location: The complex is planned on an area of 4,196 ha in the area of Ben Cat, Tan Uyen Districts and Thu Dau Mot Township.

Planning: Binh Duong Industrial – Service – Urban area Complex is planned with an Industrial park, area of high-class services, resettlement areas and new urban areas.

1. Industrial park (about 1, 800ha)

With types of green, eco-friendly industries, industries of high content of gray matter and competitiveness on the foreign and domestic markets; the priorities are given to development of electrical, electronics industries, communications products, work interior furniture, etc…

1.1. The current investors include:

  • Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park 2: 344 ha
  • Song Than Industrial Park 3: 533 ha
  • Dai Dang Industrial Park: 274 ha
  • Phu Gia Industrial Park: 133 ha
  • Dong An Industrial Park 2: 158 ha
  • Kim Huy Industrial Park: 237 ha

1.2. Area of high-class Services: (612.7 ha)


  • Twin Doves Golf Course with the area of 302 ha
  • The studio, cinema of 10 ha
  • And other complex services

1.3 Urban Areas, including Resettlement Areas (about 1,662 ha)

Consist of:

  • Urban centre and other works of administration, culture, medicine, education, trade, hotels, offices for lease… (62.3 ha).
  • Urban areas with the area of 708 ha including the areas of condominium, low-rise garden houses and terraced houses.
  • Resettlement areas with the area of 655 ha including terraced houses, condominium.
  • The areas of Tree Park and entertainment with the area of about 71 ha connecting with the new urban areas and resettlement areas.

2. The project schedule:

From 2005 to 2020, including:

  • Construction of general infrastructure, necessary works, industrial parks and service areas in the period of 2005-2010. Construction of the new urban area in the period of 2010-2020.

3. The project progress:

Resettlement arrangement:

  • Binh Duong People’s Committee has approved the detailed planning of 5 resettlement areas in Phu My Commune (71 ha), Hoa Loi Commune (140.6 ha), Dinh Hoa Commune (78.4 ha), Phu Chanh Commune (248 ha) and Tan Vinh Hiep Commune (103 ha) to serve the resettlement arrangement for households in the planned area. Becamex IDC has so far completed the technical infrastructure works according to the approved planning and finished arranging resettlement land for all households belonging to the cleared area in the planned area, and helping them reconstruct and stabilize their new lives.

Construction of necessary woks:

  • Necessary Roads: As the approved planning, the complex has 7 necessary road routes with total length of 34.4 km. So far, they have been basically completed to ensure smooth traffic in the whole area and connecting to the common transportation system such as My Phuoc – Tan Van Expressway, Ring Road No. 4 to be constructed in the near future and the existing transportation system such as National Road 13, Provincial Road No. 741, Provincial Road No. 742, Provincial Road No. 743, Provincial Road No. 746
  • Drainage Channel: The industrial park has 3 main drainage channel routes with the total length of 34 km which have been completed and put into use.
  • The supplying system of Electricity and Water, Post – Communications: According to the approved project, the investor has collaborated with specialized units to conduct surveys and construction; So far basically has met the demand of residents in the resettlement area and investors in the Complex.

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Binh Duong Industrial – Service And Residential Complex

As approved by Leaders of Binh Duong People’s Committee, Becamex IDC Corp. has been appointed to be the infrastructure investor of Binh Duong Industrial – Service and Residential Complex. After over 6 years of deployment, a proportion of more than 98% out of the overall planned area has been performed byBinh Duong Industrial – Service and Residential Complex Project.

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