My Phuoc Industrial Park


Up to 31 Jul. 2009, there are 300 customers signing with us from 18 countries namely USA, England, Australia, Japan, France, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, etc… with total investment capital of 2 bil USD

Typical Investors:

Yazaki EDS Vietnam Company

  • Investor: Japan
  • Area: 5 Ha
  • Investment capital: 16 bil USD
  • Employees: 1.800 People
  • Products: spare parts for car as electrical system (electrical wire in car), sensor etc.
  • A well-known corporation of Japan with over 50 branches in over the world.

Kaiser wooden industry Co.,ltd

  • Investor : Taiwan
  • Area: 36 Ha
  • Investment capital : 70 million USD
  • Products : high-grade wooden furniture
  • One of the world top ten wooden furniture company, one of the top five furniture company of China and the largest wooden furniture company of Vietnam at present

Grant Art wooden industry Co.,ltd

  • Investor: Taiwan
  • Area : 21 ha
  • Investment capital : 20 million USD
  • Products : premium wooden furniture

Kumho Tire INC (Korea)

  • Investor: Korea
  • Area: 30 Ha
  • Investment capital: 380 Bil USD
  • Products: all kinds of tyres

Orion Food Vina (Orion Corporation)

  • Investor: Korea
  • Area: 8 Ha
  • Investment capital: 40 bil USD
  • Products: confectionery (snack, orion chocopie, chewing-gum)

Tatung VN co.,ltd

  • Investor: Taiwan
  • Area: 40 Ha
  • Investment capital: 40bil USD
  • Products: electrical spare parts, electronics

ICI Paint VN co., ltd

  • Investor: United state
  • Area: 6 Ha
  • Investment capital: 20 bil USD
  • Products: all kinds of paints

Chanh Duong paper co.,ltd

  • Investor : Taiwan
  • Area : 32 Ha
  • Investment capital: 30 bil USD
  • Products: paper packaging and paper products

List of investors in My Phuoc I (Up to 10/2009)
List of investors in My Phuoc II (Up to 10/2009)
List of investors in My Phuoc III (Up to 10/2009)

Please feel free to contact us in case your company needs more information or any other queries
Advisory and Marketing department


Phase of development:

  • Phase 1: 400 ha, 100% leased
  • Phase 2: 800 ha, 100% leased
  • Phase 3: 2200 ha, 70% leased
  • Phase 4 (Thoi Hoa Residential and Industrial Park): 800 ha, started leasing in 2009
  • Phase 5 (Bau Bang Residential and Industrial Park): 2,000 ha, 50% leased

Distances to majors places

  • In My Phuoc 5: Apart from the above-mentioned industries in My Phuoc 3, 4; food and wood furniture, garment, auxiliary industries are included.Expressway My Phuoc – Tan van go through MPIP

Highly attractive industries:

  • In My Phuoc 3, 4: electric & electronic, mechanical manufacturing, production /assembly of equipment and spare parts, food processing industries.

Model industrial city of MPIP:

  • Standard infrastructure
  • Reasonable leasing price and flexible payment method
  • Other supporting services
  • Flexible rent method: investors can rent leased land or ready-built factory
  • Free consultant services and paperwork support
  • Regular social activities

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My Phuoc Industrial Park
My Phuoc Industrial Park

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My Phuoc Industrial Park

My Phuoc Industrial Park (MPIP) was established on June 12, 2002 and located in the northern part of Binh Duong which is one of provinces in the Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam. It has many industrial parks and located on the trunk road (National Highway 13) of Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province.

My Phuoc Industrial Park including My Phuoc 1, 2, 3; Thoi Hoa-My Phuoc 4 and Bau Bang- My Phuoc 5 has a total area of 6200 hectares (3,000 hectares of industrial land and 3,200 hectares of residential – services). My Phuoc has proved to be a good sample of industrial park with its complete infrastructure. Following the model of modern industrial – residential city, MPIP is built with a great attention to environmental protection to ensure a long-term and sustainable development in the northern part of Binh Duong.

Up to date, MPIP has deployed its construction at stage 5 and attracted 380 investment projects from 24 countries and territories with a total capital of approximately 2.8 bil USD. Countries and territories such as Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan have a high investment rate in electric & electronics, mechanical manufacturing, food processing, wood and furniture, garment, auxiliary industries, etc.

With favorable geographical position, My Phuoc has become an attractive investment destination to produce goods for domestic consumption and export.

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