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If you are an investor looking for opportunities in a potential Vietnamese market, choose to accompany Becamex IDC. All your business needs is ready to be satisfied in our ecosystem. Contact Information:

Name Posttion Phone/Viber
Mr. Vo Son Dien Marketing Director +84 903 903 804
Ms. Tran Thi Hong Minh Marketing Deputy Director
Director of Chinese Market
+84 918 697 657
Mr. Nguyen Cao Thuan Director of Korean Market +84 903 040 811
Ms. Tran Thi Kim Thy Director of Japanese Market +84 908 991 248
Mr. Nguyen The Duy English Market Team Leader +84 974 696 196
Ms. Huang Chyong Yu Representative of Chinese Market +84 917 539 968
Mr. Uematsu Kanji Representative of Japanese Market +84 917 539 968
Mr. Kang Ho Dong Representative of Korean Market +82 10 5318 7861
Mr. Francis Wong Representative in Australia,
New Zealand, Brunei
+61 412 308 138
Mr. Chris Runckel Representative in the US +1 503 224 4551
Mr. Bill Dao Representative in Canada +1 778 987 3370
Mr. Seigo Sakai Representative in Japan +81 90 9325 3366
Ms. Piyakul Suwansumrit Representative in Thailand +66 86 777 2445
Mr. Hai Pham Representative in Europe +31 638 196 632
Ms. Monika Ruth Nguyen Nam Representative in Europe +65 865 486 15
Ms. Maily Anna Maria Nguyen Representative in Europe +39 328 6172 181


Starting in Binh Duong with many advantages from the Southern Key position and support from the Government, we are always aware that we can do more than what we have achieved till now. After more than 20 years, Becamex IDC’s industrial parks have spread in Binh Duong and across the country.

Starting with one of the basic industrial infrastructures (Integrated Industrial Park), Becamex now owns a comprehensive industrial ecosystem, ready to serve investors.

- 500MVA substation and 22KV national grid supply to the boundaries of the land lots.
- Ensure adequate and stable power supply of electricity for investors and households in the region.

- Water supply and drainage system in the industrial parks is completely invested with a closed water supply system, directly supplying to each factory to ensure adequate water source in both pressure and flow.
- Besides, the industrial parks are equipped with a pressure pump station, tanks and fire hydrants
In each industrial park, there is a concentrated sewage treatment facility with a large capacity to ensure the reception and treatment to meet prescribed standards before being discharged into the environment.

- The industrial parks invested by Becamex IDC are connected to arterial roads from inside and outside the region.
- Becamex IDC has set up a project to renovate and expand National Highway 13 in the form of a BOT. The project will increase National Highway 13 by 2 more lanes, renovated sidewalks, more trees, and a synchronous drainage system to connect large industrial parks of Binh Duong province to main routes to Binh Phuoc Province and the Central Highland Provinces.
- My Phuoc – Tan Van road with a scale of 6 lanes has been built to connect the industrial parks with the Southern Key Economic Region, facilitating transportation from the industrial parks to seaports and international airports, greatly reducing the cost and time to 30 minutes.

- VNTT, an affiliate of Becamex IDC that specializes in telecommunication and information technology infrastructure serves all industrial parks managed by Becamex IDC.
- The cable system can be connected to telecommunication applications and leased line system. Telephone cable system shall be installed till boundary of land lots to meet investors’ demands.
- Telephone exchange IDD, VoIP, ADSL
The one – stop service mechanism is implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Government’s Decree No. 61/2018/ND-CP. The Administrative Centers at the provincial and district levels have strengthened, expanded, and improved the quality and efficiency of administrative procedures to bring practical results, which are greatly appreciated by businesses and citizens.

- The Customs Office is located right inside the industrial park managed by Becamex IDC to implement customs services for enterprises.
- Electronic customs declaration services meets investors’ and enterprises’ needs.

- Each industrial park is always fully equipped with fire protection equipment such as; pressure pump stations, water tanks, fire hydrants..etc
- Fire protection forces are available 24/24 in the industrial zones.
The industrial parks managed by Becamex IDC all possess professional security systems, coordinated with many 24/24 duty forces and surveillance cameras to ensure maximum safety for the whole area.
Currently, Becamex IDC is building and operating 40,000 units of apartments. The masterplan for the project is a total of 102,000 units to serve 248,000 residents in Thuan An, Thu Dau Mot, Ben Cat, and Bau Bang. These units are either for sale or rental, aiming to meet the diverse needs of the workers. Becamex is continuing to promote the construction of the next phase of the project to further satisfy the demands of the residents and businesses.
Cultural and entertainment facilities such as; Theaters, Marketplaces, Central Park, Recreational areas, and Religious areas receive a lot of investments to meet the diverse needs of the people living and working in the area.
Providing medical services with international quality to meet the demand of healthcare for residents, workers, and expats throughout the region. Currently, Becamex IDC has put into operation 2 hospitals of international standard including; Becamex International Hospital with a scale of 1,200 beds, 10 clinical departments, 4 subclinical departments and My Phuoc Hospital with 500 beds, 18 specialist and 10 functional rooms.

- Education systems from pre-school to university such as; KindleWorld, Ngo Thoi Nhiem Highschool, and Eastern International University has been put into effective operation.
- Eastern International University, with the mission of providing high – quality human resources for enterprises in Binh Duong and surrounding regions has become a reputable institution for Binh Duong New City, as well as a place for training and technology transfer to satisfy the research demands of professionals.
Many vocational training institutions have been put into operation, meet the demands of the locals and business in the region such as; Vietnam Singapore Vocational College, Vietnam – Korea Vocational College…etc

- Becamex IDC has put into operation services such as; Becamex Tower, Becamex Thu Dau Mot Hotel, and Becamex New City Hotel with a 4-star standard.
- In addition, to meet the needs of the residents in the region, Becamex IDC has put into operations the Becamex Tokyu BRT. This is the first transportation project in accordance with Japanese standards in Vietnam.
- The Binh Duong Exhibition and Convention Center is a project located next to the central administrative center of the province with a total floor area of 16,357.5m2 (excluding open spaces) to meet the requirements for international standard events.

Becamex Eco-system

To meet the sustainable development of investors and to maintain a leading status in the field of industrial real estate, Becamex has been building a comprehensive ecosystem under the One-Stop Service model. All working and living needs of investors and employees are fully met with the best quality.

Continuous innovation for developmentFOR DEVELOPMENT

We believe that science, technology, and energy are the core values that enhance the industry not just in Vietnam, but also the world. Therefore, we are constantly improving and applying science and technology in all of our fields of activities; from logistics to education and training, healthcare, transport infrastructure, urban development, and trade and services.

Right in the vicinity of the Binh Duong New City, the Science & Technology Industrial Park is the highlight with 3 areas being developed.

Industrial Parks

Production of products with high technological value

University Village

Training to improve the skills of the labour force, fulfill new development requirements…

University Town

Attracting Labour and High Qualifications


The year 2002 marked a historic milestone for Becamex when it pioneered a comprehensive ecosystem: the industrial park goes hand in hand with urban areas. From here, Becamex began to expand its business areas and establishing its name on the list of leading multidisciplinary corporations nationwide.


With a scale of more than 1,000 ha, the city is expected to become; an industrial city, a science and technology city, and a liveable city which satisfy the sustainable development of investors and the prosperity of the residents and workers. Watch Video

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