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EIU – International Standard in Human Resources Training(10/01/2011 05:15:36)

In September 2011, Eastern International University (EIU) started the first academic year at Binh Duong New City. With the aim of training according to international standards, associating with the practice and meeting the demand of the high-qualified human resources in order to serve the process of industrialization and modernization of the country, EIU has been paid much attention by the majority of parents and students. In the new academic year, EIU has many practical programs such as spending 20 billion VND on scholarship in the academic year 2011-2012, the program taking students to the U.S to study, etc. 


(Picture above) From left:  Dr. Wim Wiewel - PSU President; Mr. Loi Nguyen Tan, EIU Associate President; Dr.Nguyen Van Phuc, EIU President; Dr. Michael Reardon, EIU Co-President and Dr. Gil Latz, PSU Vice Provost for International Affairs.

Breakouts in new training methods

All the preparation work of the EIU was complete to welcome the first course freshmen. EIU has built over 10 buildings for teaching and learning with a durable and beautiful design on landscaped precinct of over 26 hectares with sufficient laboratory for mechanics, electronics, cold temperatures, CNC provided by Festo, Lucas Null of Germany and Mitshubishi (Japan). The website Portland University commented "In Vietnam, this is the first university project which has invested more than 2000 billion VND (100 million USD) with modern classrooms, administration building and dormitory including buildings constructed on a par with Singapore, America, or Europe. EIU has many differences from most public universities in Vietnam at present both in form and in content.

Besides completed and modern infrastructure, the outstanding feature of EIU is new training methods. With the desire to make students enjoy the most advanced education and combine learning and researching to invent new technologies for economic development of the country, EIU has created a joint to improve the quality of education and training for human resources. Thus, the curriculum of business administration, engineering – technology are recognized by Portland university. After completing the programs in the first two years at EIU, students can continue to study in the last two years (3 or 4 years) at Portland University if they have a favorable condition to learn.

In order to establish the faculty of Business Administration on par with similar faculty in foreign University, EIU is the first University of Vietnam implementing fully "imported" business administration program. World-class programs compiled by foreign professors in accordance with AACSB standards have been evaluated by Ministry of Education and Training. Foreign teachers have been in charge of teaching this program. It can be said that students of this faculty "study aboard" just in EIU.

The training program of Science Engineering Technology faculty was mainly compiled by domestic and foreign professors, associate professors and doctors based on the direction of application development - technology to meet regulatory requirements of accreditations from Asian University Network (AUN) and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The faculty’s students can be learned and practiced on machines and the laboratories manufactured by German and Japanese that is the top of the world.

Regarding the training program of the Faculty of Nursing at EIU, the university invites Dr. Dolores M. H. Turner-American leading lecturer and expert to Vietnam to guide EIU’s teachers and doctors specialized in nursing at Burapha University (Thailand). The program has been recognized, appraised, and issued the license of training since 2011 by the Ministries of Health, Education and Training.

Foreign language is a dominant factor. EIU Foreign Language Center was established according to the IETLS of the British Council, University of Cambridge and IDP organization.100% management staff and lecturers of the center are foreigners. The center is in charge of teaching English for the students of the faculty of business administration, who are qualified enough to study professional program entirely in English. Students of other specialties are also trained at this center to ensure that they can work in English-spoken, international and multi-cultural environment right after graduation.

With good preparation in facilities, human resources as well as equipments, EIU is the suitable university in the key economic area, giving students more choices with the most advanced education, combining theoretical training with practice, helping students confidently enter the independent life and take opportunities of "international overseas study" in Vietnam thanks to modern and desirable learning environment.                  

TRONG MINH - Binh Duong Online Newspaper

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