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Investment and Industrial Development Corporation ( Becamex IDC) was established in 1976, over 35 years of construction and development, Becamex IDC has now become a prestigious brand name in the field of investment and development of industrial, residential, urban and transportation infrastructure.

Currently, Becamex IDC has 28 subsidiaries and joint efforts covering areas of securities, finance, insurance, banking, construction, trading, real estate, services, telecommunication - information technology , concrete production, construction materials, mining, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and education with charter capital of approximately  5.500 bil VND

Abbreviation name: BECAMEX IDC CORP.
Chapter Capital : 8.500 Billion VND
Total Business Capital: 100.000 Billion VND
Total employees: 
2.085 people
Management staffs: 90 people
Foreign experts: 103 people

Fields of operation

The rapid development of Vietnam and the current regional integration with Southeast Asia (Asian Economic Community - AEC) as well as the increasing sophistication of customers and markets has stimulated Becamex IDC Corp. to have a clear development orientation and to diversify its scope of activities.

Main fields of operation:

  • Investment in construction and trading infrastructure of industrial parks
  • Investment, development and sales of residential areas
  • Real Estate trading
  • Civil Construction, industry and transportation
  • Project investment in infrastructure in the form of B.O.T, and other mechanisms
  • Mining, rock crushing and cement
  • Produce and process raw material for rubber industry, construction material
  • Commercial trading, import – export service
  • Financial investment into local and foreign companies
  • Financing, Banking and Securities
  • Operation in health and education fields
  • Producing and trading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health materials

Organization structure:



1/ Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
2/ Mr. Nguyen Van Danh – Vice Chairman, Deputy CEO
3/ Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang – Board Member, Deputy CEO
4/ Mr. Nguyen Phu Thinh – Board Member, General Director of VSIP JV Co.
5/ Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan – Deputy CEO
6/ Mr. Nguyen Danh Tung – Board Member, Head of Executive board
7/ Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan – Controller


1/ Mr. Nguyen Hoan Vu – Managing Director - Business Department
2/ Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh Huy – Managing Director – Technology Department
3/ Mr. Quang Van Viet Cuong – Managing Director – Investment Department
4/ Mr. Dang Chi Thien – Managing Director – Administration Department
5/ Mr. Vo Son Dien - Managing Director - Marketing Department
6/ Mr. Ho Dai Trieu - Managing Director - Land Department 
7/ Mr. Duong Ngoc Hoang Vu - Managing Director - Information Technology Department
8/ Mr. Huynh Xuan Tin - Managing Director - Design  Department 




Residential and Industrial Development Projects

+ Vietnam – Singapore Industrial park (Binh Duong) (844 ha)  
+ Vietnam – Singapore Industrial park (Bac Ninh) (700 ha)
+ Vietnam – Singapore Industrial park (Hai Phong) (1,200 ha)
+ Vietnam – Singapore Industrial park II (expanded) (1,850 ha)
+ My Phuoc Residential and Industrial Park (3,429 ha)  
+ Thoi Hoa Residential and Industrial Park. (My Phuoc 4) (956 ha)
+ Bau Bang Residential and Industrial Park (My Phuoc 5) (2,200 ha)
+ Binh Duong New Township of Industry, Service and Residential (4,196 ha)
+ Becamex- Binh Phuoc Residential and Industrial Park (4,300 Ha)


Subsidiaries – Join effort:


Securities- Finance– Insurance– Banking

  • The First Securities Company (FSC)
  • Hung King Insurance Joint Stock Company (HKI)


Construction – Trading – Real estate – Service


  • Binh Duong Trading & Development Joint Stock Company (TDC)
    • Total capital: 1000 Billion. Company shares were listed on Ho Chi Minh stock exchange in late 3-2011
  • Binh Duong Construction & Civil Engineering Joint Stock Company (BCC)
    • Total capital: 600 Billion. Company shares were listed on Ho Chi Minh stock exchange in late 3-2010
  • Becamex Infrastructure Development Joint-Stock Company (Becamex IJC)
    • Total capital: 2700 Billion. Company shares were listed on Ho Chi Minh stock exchange in late 3-2010


Communications – Information technology


  • Vietnam Technology and Telecommunications Joint Stock Company (VNTT): VNTT was originally established based on the cooperation between Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and Becamex IDC Corporation. Apart from telecommunications activities in Binh Duong, VNTT specializes in providing telecommunications services for the industrial parks




  • Becamex Mineral Joint-Stock Company (Becamex BMC)
  • Becamex Asphalt and Concrete Joint-Stock Company (Becamex ACC)
  • Becamex Construction Material Joint-Stock Company (Becamex CMC)




  • Becamex Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company (Becamex Pharma)
  • Savi Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company (Savipharm)


Health - Education


  • My Phuoc General Hospital
  • Mien Dong International General Hospital
  • Eastern International University (EIU)