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HISTORY(10/05/2011 08:08:36)

The forerunner of current Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC Corp.) is Ben Cat General Trading (Becamex) which was established in 1976 and major in  purchasing, processing agriculture products, and distribution of consumer goods, etc.

In 1992, Ben Cat General Trading got the approval from People’s Committee of Song Be province (former name) to merge with many other provincial companies into Song Be Import - Export and Trading Company (Becamex). This merged structure had more diversified and extensive scope of activities on the basis of Ben Cat General Trading company.

After Binh Duong province being split and re-established from Song Be Province (former name) in 1997, the company officially changed its name ito Trading – Investment and Development Company ( Trading name as "Becamex Corp") in 1999 to meet the new trends and demonstrate the broad fields of its activities.

On 28th April, 2006, based on approval by the Prime Minister and Decision No. 106/2006/QD-UBND of Binh Duong's People Committee, Trading – Investment and Development Company( Becamex) was reorganized and renamed into Investment and Industrial Development Corporation( Becamex IDC Corp.)

In the context of international economic integration, to create favorable conditions and greater flexibility for cooperating activities, Becamex IDC was transformed following the model of Mother Company vs. Subsidiary Company in which the mother company is served as one - member limited. This transformation has been approved by Document No. 151/TTg-ĐMDN dated 19/01/2010.

During the establishment and development process, in order to increase competitive advantage, Becamex IDC have merged, invested and set up many subsidiary companies. Up to now, the company has 30 subsidiaries covering securities, finance, insurance, banking, construction, trading, real estate, services, telecommunication - information technology , concrete production, construction materials, mining, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and education.

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VISION (10/05/2011 08:00:54)

With the slogan of "Continuous innovation for development," Becamex has gradually affirmed its brand name not only inside Vietnam but also throughout the world recognized via the  success of the projects carried out. The sustainable growth of the Corporation will contribute to the change and development of Binh Duong in particular and the country’s in general.

Becamex Achievements

Becamex Achievements (09/15/2011 09:53:44)

With more than 30 years of operation, Becamex has become a professional multi-industry economic corporation from a General Trading company forerunner with simple trading activities. The development of Becamex IDC has accompanied with the economic innovation of Binh Duong Province in most of social and economic areas. Especially, Becamex IDC has focused on industrial development, transportation infrastructure and urbanization as the lever for economic growth. And great success has been recognized.


ABOUT US (08/30/2011 03:11:50)

Investment and Industrial Development Corporation ( Becamex IDC) was established in 1976, over 35 years of construction and development, Becamex IDC has now become a prestigious brand name in the field of investment and development of industrial, residential, urban and transportation infrastructure.