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With achievements after more than 20 years of operation, Becamex IDC continues to affirm its brand name in compliance with the guideline “Continuous innovation for development”

1/ Strategic objective

With large-scale operation, multiple business lines and many member companies, Becamex IDC has specific influence on the development of Binh Duong province in particular as well as the country’s in general;

Becamex IDC has been planning to transform into Investment and Industrial Development Corporation operating as a limited-liability company. This transformation is to resolve two missions:

(1) - To maximize the potential of the Corporation which will create  strong incentives to promote its  the development in the context of regional and international economic integration, especially when Vietnam joined the WTO,

(2) - To set up the favorable conditions for member companies to enhance the  ownership and creativity in producing and business.

The Corporation set the goal to develop multiple business lines, focus on the development of industrial infrastructure - transportation - urban areas to lay the foundation for promoting the development of other business lines.

2/ Specific objective:

Human resources:

The Corporation always considers human resources as the key success factor. In order to keep pace with the rapid growth rate in the coming years, the Corporation will build a team of managers and workers with high qualifications and excellent foreign language skills. Moreover, the  Corporation will plan to train key personnel staff, enhance the professional and foreign language skills of employees, help heighten their sense of responsibility and encourage creative ideas with the spirit “dare to think, dare to do”.

In order to prepare human resources for furture integrating activities, the Corporation is working with Singapore International School to organize a business administration training program for 30 key staff. Also, the Corporation is planning to retrain 240 workers and 150 technicians.

Currently, Becamex IDC is cooperating with Eastern International University to provide English training for more than 100 staffs.

Investment in production expansion and business development

* Development of industrial infrastructure

Becamex IDC continues  constructing and developing these following categories: centralized industrial zones associated with urban areas and services development, specialized industrial zones, comprehensive industrial zones, industrial clusters to attract investment. The specific projects are:

- Extend Vietnam - Singapore 2 Industrial Zone by additional 1850 ha.

- Continue implementing and finalizing the construction of: (1)My Phuoc III industrial parks  - 2,200 ha and (2)My Phuoc IV - 956 ha. Currently, 80% areas of these industrial zones have been rented by investors.

- Hasten the progress of accomplishment and attract investment into the Binh Duong industrial, service and urban complex; Support  Mapletree (Singapore) in constructing a high-tech park in (70 ha) with a total investment estimated at USD 400 million, locates in new city center, inside of Binh Duong industrial, service and urban complex.

- Hasten the construction progess of Hai Phong VSIP (Hai Phong industrial, service and urban zone)

* Transportation Infrastructure:

- Continue improving the transportation network of industrial zones, inter-district and inter-province transportation to meet the increasing traffic demand.

- Establish the partnership and joint ventures with reputable interior as well as exterior companies to grow trading at maritime ports and airports;  establish transportation networks to link key areas and key transportation hub forming "shortest, quickest, most convenient, safest" paths to Binh Duong province and to neighbour areas. The specific projects has been implemented are:

  • Raised Expressway on Highway 13: SMEDIX Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design General Institute, China is studying a solutions to upgrade Highway 13 into a four-lane highway of about 25,7 km in length, with the upper road is 22 km, wide from 28 to 32 m .
  • Continue completing the construction of the Phuoc - Tan Van highway project.
  • Invest in the development of Binh Duong maritime port capacitating large vessels’ arrivals to transport goods imported/exported by companies in Binh Duong province and provinces around.

* Urban Areas Construction and  Development:

- Continue the implementation of Becamex City Center, focusing on Sunrise luxury apartment and New Star commercial & services complex, well managed on the operation of Becamex office building and Becamex department stores.

- Hasten the attraction of investment for urban areas construction in Binh Duong New City, including offices, banking - finance centers, trade centers, luxury hotels and apartments,  ecological villas.... with a total investment of  200,000 to 300,000 billion Vietnam dongs.

- Continue accomplishing My Phuoc Ecolake and Thuan An urban complex project

* Development of Health and Education:

- Complete and launch Eastern International University with an area of 26 ha available for 24,000 students. Students have been officially recruited .

- Complete and launch of Eastern International Polyclinic Hospital with an area of 12.76 ha and 1,000 beds.

With the slogan of "Continuous innovation for development," Becamex has gradually affirmed its brand name not only inside Vietnam but also throughout the world recognized via the  success of the projects carried out. The sustainable growth of the Corporation will contribute to the change and development of Binh Duong in particular and the country’s in general.

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Becamex Achievements

Becamex Achievements (09/15/2011 09:53:44)

With more than 30 years of operation, Becamex has become a professional multi-industry economic corporation from a General Trading company forerunner with simple trading activities. The development of Becamex IDC has accompanied with the economic innovation of Binh Duong Province in most of social and economic areas. Especially, Becamex IDC has focused on industrial development, transportation infrastructure and urbanization as the lever for economic growth. And great success has been recognized.


ABOUT US (08/30/2011 03:11:50)

Investment and Industrial Development Corporation ( Becamex IDC) was established in 1976, over 35 years of construction and development, Becamex IDC has now become a prestigious brand name in the field of investment and development of industrial, residential, urban and transportation infrastructure.