An Interview With Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc – EIU Rector


Rector of Eastern International University – All for the goal of sustainable development.

An interview of Binh Duong Newspaper with Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc – EIU Rector


Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Principal EIU


– Could you say something about the goals of EIU?

  • EIU is invested with the main tasks that are human resource training, technology application – transfer and scientific research; a major factor in improvement of science – technology as well as technological change promotion to production development, thus contributing to socio- economic development in Binh Duong and the Region. The goals of our university is to train and develop people that are more comprehensive and have good qualities; always enthusiastic to apply learned knowledge to bring about interests for the country and community.

– Does EIU also have any different supports in addition to training programs supported by prestige universities from many countries?

  • EIU has signed a contract with some professors, Ph.D of the universities from the United States, Britain, Canada … such as Portland State University; Canada Vietnam Education Network … to participate in school management and administration with the model of “co-principal” to improve quality in general management and management of teaching, scientific research.

– Besides scholarships Becamex IDC worth 20 billion VND and study abroad programs, would you mind telling some other advantages that students of EUI would take?

  • The dormitory built near to the university is one of advantages of EIU. The dormitory would take about 6,000 students to university immediately. Hostel charges are very cheap but fully equipped only with 150,000 VND per month for each student because the majority charges are supported by Becamex IDC. There are four students in a room with desks, beds, wardrobes for each student; WC in the room. It also have sports complex for students to join some physical activities like swimming, volleyball, soccer, tennis … Graduated students are supported by some specific policies , 100% are employed in the Industrial zones of Becamex IDC and Binh Duong. There are incentives to students who are people in Binh Duong province as recruitment.

– Thanks Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc!                                                                                     

Trong Minh – Binh Duong Newspaper

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