Becamex IDC to be a platinum sponsor of the 2011 APEC CEO Summit


APEC – an leading regional economic organization was established to promote economic development by fostering the regional commerce and investment; to cooperate in solving economic issues to strive for long-term prosperity of member countries.

From its initial 12-member organization established in 1989 until now, APEC has attracted 21 economies as its members in the Asia-Pacific Region. This organization’s economic scale is up to USD 31,740,310 million, accounting for 55% of the total world GDP and 43% of the global commercial turnover. In which, Asian countries contribute USD 12,860 billion, making up 22% of the total world GDP. The USA is the leader in this list with its share of 14,256 billion USD; Vietnam ranks at the 19th among 21 nationalities to contribute to the APEC’s economic scale with USD 91,854 million.



Congressman McDermott_Speaks_During_Welcome_Reception

Senator McDermott delivering his speech in official welcoming ceremony of the 2011 APEC


Becamex IDC’s representative in APEC CEO Summit

The 2011 APEC CEO Summit (CEO Summit) which is among important activities organized by The USA in conjunction with the 19th APEC Senior Officials Meeting (19th SOM) will take place on from 11th to 13th of November, 2011 in Honolulu City, Hawaii, the USA. Becamex IDC, one of Vietnam’s major enterprises has sponsored platinum for the 2011 APEC CEO Summit (CEO Summit). This list of platinum sponsors also includes other grand brand-names in the world such as Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Boeing, FedEx, J.P.Morgan, etc.


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