Binh Duong Has Invested More Than VND 4,000 Billion Into Building Water-pipe Route from Phuoc Hoa Reservoir


TTDT – On the morning of November 5th, 2009, at the Meeting Hall C of the Provincial People’s Committee, the provincial Chairman Nguyen Hoang Son chaired the meeting in which the Chairman and Vice-chairmen heard Binh Duong Water Supply – Sewerage – Environment Co., Ltd report the location of water-pipe route, reservoir and water treatment plants under the project of irrigating raw water originated from Phuoc Hoa Reservoir.

Participants included permanent members of the provincial People’s Council and leaders of departments: Construction, Planning and Investment, Finance, Agriculture and Rural Development, Transport and Communications; leaders of the People’s Committee of Ben Cat District and Binh Duong Water Supply – Sewerage – Environment Co., Ltd. Pipe route irrigating raw water from Phuoc Hoa Reservoir to Binh Duong Urban Center (Ben Cat district) had capacity of 15m3/s. This work is newly built, aimed at irrigating raw water from main canal of Phuoc Hoa Reservoir to the reservoir at transshipment lake in My Phuoc area. Simultaneously, clean water treatment plants will be also built to supply water adequately to living activities and production for industrial zones and urban areas in the province. Additionally, the work will supply the irrigation to 1,950 hectares of agricultural land in South Binh Duong.

It was reported that the project will be divided into 2 Stages. In Stage I, to build head gate and grit chamber adjacent to headwork on the main canal in Phuoc Hoa Reservoir with sufficient capacity of receiving 15m3/s water from the main canal in Phuoc Hoa Reservoir; to build the first raw water pipe including 2 stages: beginning section of the route comes from the main canal to Bau Bang Industrial Zone, ending section of the route leads to Ong Te Reservoir; to build dam, create raw water reservoir (transshipment lake) at Ong Te Stream; to build clean water treatment plants with area of approximately 50 ha in Chanh Phu Hoa Commune, Ben Cat with capacity of 200,000m3/day and night; to build collection system and wastewater treatment plants for the Complex with capacity of 200,000m3/day and night. In Stage II, to build the second raw water pipe, in parallel to the first one, irrigating from the main canal in Phuoc Hoa Reservoir to the transshipment lake; to widen the collection system and wastewater treatment plants for the Complex with increased capacity of 40,000m3/day and night. Investment capacity for the project in the Stage II is US$ 201,563,000; in Stage II is US$ 66,120,000.

To close the meeting, the Chairman Nguyen Hoang Son noted that the consulting unit should select the most suitable option to save expenses and achieve effectiveness such as self- running water pipe, short pipe route, restricting the path of pipe route across densely populated areas; the construction of reservoir must ensure sufficient supply of raw water for clean water treatment plants, meeting demands on living, agricultural production, industrial zones and urban areas.


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