Binh Dương’s large investment on the social housing project – a new breakthrough in investment attraction and industry development


Some characteristics about Binh Duong’s gigantic development

Binh Dương province located in the southern key economic area is evaluated to achieve much success in attracting investment capital, constructing socio – economic infrastructure, developing industrial zones, complexes combined with urbanization and agricultural industrialization in rural areas. 


binh duong

After more than 15 years of development, the province always achieves and maintains high and comprehensive growth rates. GDP growth rate reaches an annual average of approximately 15 %. Shifting the economic structure towards industrialization reaches 62.2%, services 33.7%, and agriculture 4.1%. So far, the province has had 28 industrial zones with the total area of about 9,000 hectares, contributing to the province’s economic development, attracting a huge number of employees from other places to work. Up to now, the province has had over 700,000 employees, among whom workers from other provinces account for about 85%, leading to very high demand for housing. 
Over the past years, Binh Dương has always paid much attention to investing in, developing strongly and synchronously technical and social infrastructure, supplying increasingly better services in order to serve the investment attraction and production activities of enterprises in the best way; Focused on the training and improving the quality of human resources and reforming the administrative procedures to create the environment and favorable conditions for attracting investment.

Investor’s potentials

With the investment experience in the infrastructure development and the strong potentials on technology, finance, as well as powerful marketing force, the intimate relationships with enterprises, and the large available land bank,, Becamex IDC always takes criteria that the business plays the leading, main role in the socio- economic development, is entrusted with the investment in construction of social housing projects by the province. This aims to serve the life care better, to help workers have chance to own a good and quality accommodation and help them make their dreams of “living and working in peace and contentment” come true.

Social housing project in the period 2011 – 2015

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, General Director of Becamex IDC, said that in Binh Duong’s social housing project invested by Becamex IDC in the period 2011 – 2015, 37 projects would be conducted on the planned land area of 220 hectares including 3 towns namely Thu Dau I, Thuan An, Di An and Ben Cat and Tan Uyen districts. Accordingly, the total investment capital of VND 10.830 billion would be used to construct approximately 64.000 apartments with the total construction area of over 2.7 million m2, serving the accommodation for over 125.000 people. Social housing complex is constructed in convenient locations, inside the urban areas and industrial zones. These apartments consist of many 5-floor blocks. Apartments are designed scientifically and comfortably, easily to convert from 30m2 into 60m2 and to inherit the surrounding facilities invested by the State such as schools, hospitals, and cultural houses, sports area and parks.

Those considered for purchase by the Council are civil officers, employees, professional officers and soldiers, industrial zone workers, pupils, students of universities-college, professional high school, low – income people in urban areas, urban citizens without houses, resettlement households, those who have stable jobs in Binh Duong without houses, and enterprises which have demand for purchasing houses for their employees to live in or to put out for lease. They would be provided with a certificate of ownership associated with long – term land use rights.



Employees can buy houses. Besides their own capital, businesses can help their employees to loan and deduct gradually from their salaries. The state policy banks, commercial banks can use their incentive capital to help the employees with the opportunities to buy houses, or many people can contribute their money to buy a shared apartment. The State, provinces, districts, communal authorities, wards, management unit of industrial zones, industrial zone investors pay more attention to and create more favorable conditions for people to get access to the social housing easily.

Realistic goals of the project

In the project of social housing construction, the two raised issues are the work quality and reasonable price. There are some ideas indicating that if Becamex’s constructing the social housing with the selling price of 30m2 apartment ranging from 90 million to 140 million, depending on the coefficient of the floor (about from 3 million to 6 million per 1m2) is feasible or not. On the other hand, Becamex worries that with current income, employees find it difficult to own apartments with prices mentioned above. Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, the Chairman and General Director of Becamex, confirmed that Becamex has full potentials of capital, technology, and construction technology. At the same time, with the huge demand for housing and special concerns of the provincial authorities about creating capital to support employees to buy houses, we believe that the project can be implemented as the planned goals and serve the oriented objects properly.

On the other hand, the Becamex’s construction land area of 220 hectares is planned in industrial zones to build service, utility areas for workers, including housing. Therefore, the land which has already been built with infrastructure will not be included in the price of apartments and accordingly the price is very low because it only includes construction costs. In terms of management, unlike other areas of social housing, after finishing, people will come to live in with lax management, degradation, unsanitary, and so on, as completed, social houses will have their own Management unit elected by households, and have regulations made under general regulations of the Ministry of Construction and the process of urbanization in order that by 2020 Binh Duong province will have become the centrally-governed city. Thus, it should be managed properly in accordance with a modern urban.

Mr. Le Thanh Cung – Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee emphasized that in the near future, the leaders of the province will continue to direct, as well as give practical support policies like assigning land without collecting land use fees for land used in development projects, direct the credit institutions to provide preferential loans for investors, workers to buy a house in the forms of preferential interest rates, subsidized interest rates, provide the long term loans, and concurrently direct the investors of the Industrial zones to take responsibilities for coordinating with Becamex IDC to implement and educate enterprises and workers in industrial zones about policies of the PPC with the social housing.

It is said that Social housing is a big project as a breakthrough to ensure a sustainable industrial development process of Binh Duong in the next period. It is the program that Binh Duong would like to take care of workers coming here to work and sticking with the development of the province. Dealing with this issue well will help Binh Duong obtain good economic development, especially have stable industrial development. For Becamex IDC, we have successfully implemented many industrial zones in Binh Duong and a number of projects in other provinces. Being the company with the huge contribution to the promotion of economic development, especially the provincial industry, we assume that with the social housing project, Becamex IDC strongly believes in the success of this project as well as socio – economic efficiency brought by the project.

Cheap but spacious and comfortable housing

Apartments are designed by the leading architectures and engineers conducting deep capability researches in order to take advantage of each construction cm2, apply the modularity in designing to create typical components and speed up construction schedule. For the construction technology, various methods such as floor technology, soft soil reinforcement method, light concrete wall technology, the steel-framed house technology, methods of heat resistance by bubble concrete in order to save the construction time are applied. Because of paying attention to applying construction science to the project, construction price will be minimized in the hope of creating opportunities for those with real needs in the limited financial conditions to own a comfortable apartment in the urban area consisting of many facilities such as parking lots, commercial, service areas. Therefore, they can make their dreams of “living and working in peace and contentment” come true. 
Additional information:
At the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai praised the provincial leaders and Binh Duong’ s enterprises for having focused on investing in construction, developing social housing, and emphasized that the province shall be determined to focus on making the housing development plan until 2020 including the projects on the social housing development in the period of 2011 – 2015. Deputy Prime Minister also noted that Binh Duong has built the social housing model in the urban area planning and has enough the complete technical and social infrastructure meeting the demand of dwellers. This is the right direction that needs promoting.

Deputy Prime Minister required ministries, sectors and Binh Duong to develop pilot housing models consistent with the income and daily life of low – income people, and regard Binh Duong’s project as a model needed to be replicated across the country. Doing this requires the better coordination among the authority, enterprises, credit and banking system in the creation of leasing and housing bank for low – income people.

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