EIU and Porland University: Comprehensive Cooperation for The Sustainable Development


Together with opening the first course in next September, Eastern International University (EIU), the comprehensive cooperation with EIU and Portland University (PSU) in training is the issue concerned by the parents and students. The cooperation will open many opportunities for new students to approach new and international-ranking training methods to perfect themselves to meet high requirements on quality from the society.

International cooperation opens new opportunities for Vietnamese students

Doctor Nguyen Van Phuc, Rector of EIU said happily: “Right in the first school year in September 2011, 15 new students of EIU will receive scholarships from Becamex IDC to go study abroad at PSU (US) which marks the cooperation between two universities and close relation between two parties as well as open many new opportunities for Vietnamese students.” According to Doctor Phuc, demand for human resources to serve for sustainable development of the economy is the issue paid due attention in education of Vietnam. This is also the magnetic needle for EIU to find out effective way to improve industrial intelligence to meet quick development demands of the markets in technical and technology. The official working visit recently of Rector of EIU Nguyen Van Phuc and Vice Rector Nguyen Tan Loi to PSU, Oregon was an evidence for that education development direction. The working visit also tighten the relation between two universities. According to Doctor Phuc, the season for EIU to select PSU as the partner is because this is a famous university in practical application and close to programs constructed by EIU. At the same time, PSU also has more than 10 years of experience in constructing some cooperation projects in Vietnam in Education sector including Intel Vietnam Scholar program-IVS – one of very successful programs in computing and computing research sector in cooperating with University of Natural Sciences, Ho Chi Minh city and other sustainable development, urban planning, leadership capacity programs and programs in other sectors.


Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visits EIU


(From the left) Doctor Wim Wiewel, Rector of PSU; Doctor Nguyen Van Phuc, Rector of EIU and Vice Rector Nguyen Tan Loi at the working meeting between EIU and PSU

PSU is a biggest university in the university education system of Oregon and ranks in top 7 of the leading public universities in US. The training program of PSU is ranked highly among training institutes of US. The university is the source of high quality human resource supply for important positions for such companies as Intel Group and Tektronix Inc. Labs of PSU have been invested considerably to train students to meet quick development demands of the market in technical and technology. PSU also receives international students. Up to September 2010, PSU received 136 Vietnamese students learning at different departments of the university in which there are about 50 students following the IVS scholar program, 25 students from computing department of University of Natural Sciences (students are moved after 2 years of studying in Ho Chi Minh city). In the meeting with EIU, Doctor Wim Wiewel, the rector of PSU said that he wanted to increase the number of Vietnamese students learning at first year at PSU through similar programs for students of EIU,…

Talking about this cooperation, Rector of EIU Nguyen Van Phuc said that, on the basis of cooperation, two universities will recognize the quality of each other and agree on training contents to facilitate the transferring. In particular, for Business Administration, the cooperation between EIU and PSU was signed on 11/5/2011 and approved by University Education Council of  Orgegon State; this cooperation aims at long-term and sustainable development for EIU to meet university training standard of AACSB. For technical sector, PSU agreed to cooperate comprehensively to provide instructions and consultancy to EIU through training programs meeting ABET standard, exchanging lecturers, students and experiences from the projects undertaken with professional companies. PSU studied to provide support in revising training programs in accordance with ABET standards; up to now 6 departments of electric-electronics, control and automation, computing technology, computing netork and communication; machinery processing mechanical and electronics tools have been completed by PSU experts to suitable with training requirements,…

Regarding to lecturer exchange program, in this August, EIU will assign 15 lecturers of economic and technical departments to participate in professional trainings at PSU for nearly 2 months. Through these trainings, PSU will assist lecturers of EIU to increase skills on school management, update advanced teaching method of the world and PSU.

It is more convenient that programs at EIU are prepared in accordance with 3 semesters/year, this is the advanced teaching method of the world and PSU. Accordingly EIU students during the study will be evaluated to continue next semesters at PSU if they are qualified to save time. This is a very convenient thing for EIU students because all training programs of EIU and PSU are recognized by 2 parties in accordance with comprehensive cooperation program.

Double benefits for students

Taking about EIU, it can not be denied that there are many benefits for the students. Besides the cooperation with PSU to facilitate the development of students, EIU is currently evaluated as one university with many prospects, advantages and potentials in training practical sciences. Located at the new city of Binh Duong, the future commercial centre of the province, EIU is surrounded with nearly 30 industrial parks and 13,000 foreign and domestic enterprises with high demands for human resources. Furthermore, EIU is located at the center of Southern economic zone where produces nearly 70% of total assets of the whole country and where attracts 2/3 total industrial parks of the whole country and are invested by most large companies and groups. Thus, the establishment of EIU will contribute to provide trained human resources for large-scale enterprises. To meet this demand, the university will focus on training programs to provide their graduated students with not only professional qualifications but also good knowledge of foreign languages and software skills (team construction, team work, writing and speaking skills to meet requirements of the enterprises). The training programs will be in Vietnamese and English with due attention paid to economic and technical English to provide graduated students with these necessary skills.


Modern lab with big investment of EIU

Another advantage given to students is that EIU is established by Becamex IDC, the leading company in investment and infrastructure construction for industrial parks in Vietnam. Currently Becamex is operating 7 industrial parks including Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) which was invested with the cooperation of Government of Singapore, My Phuc Industrial Parks,…which are highly appreciated in Vietnam for international standards. These industrial parks will continue attracting hi-tech projects. Besides, Becamex IDC currently includes 29 members companies and dependent units operating mainly in banking, finance, securities, procedures and production, pharmacy, business and especially in investment and development of industrial, commercial and residential projects,… Currently Becamex is constructing the New City of Binh Duong with large scale and modern model. This project is soon completed and become the administration and commercial center….All these factors will help to create many jobs and attractive working environment with interesting promotion for young people when graduated from EIU after 4 years of studying here. This will be also the basis that the Rector of EIU confirms that “100% of students graduated from EIU will have good jobs”.

From above mentioned advantages, EIU is confirming its right direction in breaking through new training methods to link training with practical application demands. With the concerns from senior leaders of Becamex IDC, supports from PSU, surely EIU will become the most suitable destination for new students for their futures after 4 years of training and gaining knowledge to be confident in their lives and careers.

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