Industry-Urban-Service Complex – Expectation to Come True in The Near Future


Development of construction works

Only coming to Industry-Urban-Service Complex and witnessing works on large scales, can you see the true value of the complex project. Both political officers and residents in Binh Duong are striving for an overall objective of making Binh Duong become a modern urban area, which is  coming true in the near future. Binh Duong’s residents can be proud of and place their full confidence in the bright future of an active industry-service city in the future.

Binh Duong new city, nuclear of the entire Complex

Site’s animation like a gala

In early 2010, when coming to the Complex, we just saw the construction speed of Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC), the unit authorized by the province to be investor to build the Complex. On empowering routes completed on large scales, other works have been being constructed very urgently. These days, the site was animated like a gala. Noise from machines, vehicles, hammer, and laborers… all created a general song making laborers passionately deep; especially laborers who believe in a bright future of the Complex.

Apart from great projects, those of minor investors are also being sped up the progress. Specifically, service area invested by Binh Duong Production and Import – Export Company (Protrade) are carrying out golf course and studio construction projects. In another two empowering road routes, Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II (VSIP II), Dong An Industrial Park II, Song Than Industrial Park III, Dai Dang, Kim Huy Industrial Park… are both focusing on building the infrastructure and calling for investment into plants here.

Notably, VSIP II which was started in 2005 has attracted the investment in the short time. Until now, this industrial park has rented more than 95% of land area with above 121 projects of total investment capital of more than US$ 1 billion. More noticeably, a great project Mapletree Building Corporation has invested US$ 110 million to build 68 ha-transport and storage area, inaugurated and put the 65,000m2 bonded warehouse into operation (period I). Mapletree Building Corporation was granted Investment License to invest into high-tech industrial park at the center of Binh Duong new city (situated in the Complex) with the area of 75 hectares, investment capital of US$ 400 million and at present, this investor is positively carrying out the project. The important purpose of this high-tech industrial park is to transfer modern technology and business process to Vietnam; serving companies in the development of high-tech software, develop high value added products.

Adjacent to Vietnam Singapore II Industrial Park, Dong An Industrial Park II with the area of 157 hectares is being sped up by Hung Thinh Joint Stock Company. Despite being under the period of infrastructure investment, Dong An Industrial Park II has attracted 15 projects from domestic and foreign enterprises with investment capital of more than US$ 30 million and 350 billion dong. Apart from VSIP II and Dong An II, investors of other industrial parks are also striving to complete final steps of the infrastructure construction period; many investors of above industrial parks are also speeding up their construction to put the plant operation.

Key construction sites.

With the scope of 4,196 ha, the Complex is allocated very scientifically and modernly in which planning area for the development of clean industry was 2,000 ha, high-ranking urban area is 1,000 ha and the remaining area is for service area, high-ranking commercial areas…Of which, Binh Duong new city with the scope of 1,000 ha is the “brain” and “heart” of the whole Complex. This is the political – economic – cultural center of the province and nuclear of a modern, active and sustainable city with full of services and comprehensive infrastructure system, closely combined with neighboring provinces and cities in the Southern key economic region.

The most important point, the Eastern International University invested by Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC) is now under construction; in the future, the university is expected to attract 24,000 students to enroll each year. As planning, the university is built with the area of 26,4 hectares and an investment capital of up to 1,500 billion dong. The Eastern International University will provide training in many fields such as electrics – electronics, information technology, mechanism, industry management, environment, processing technique, high-tech, medical-pharmacia nurse, managerial economics and others. Main objective of the university is to train high-quality and professional human resources as demanded; to contribute to the creation of favorable investment environment; to serve the social-economic development of Binh Duong and the Southern key economic region. Just after 4 months of construction, the shape of university had been formed with blocks of great steel-enforced concrete buildings on large scales.

One another site considered as other important point of Binh Duong new city is the political – administrative center of the province. In the future, this will be the concentrated administrative area which both will create favorable conditions for the people to make transactions and satisfy the completeness and increase the quality of activities of public agencies, becoming the modern, concentrated and professional administration. At present, the choice for best consultant is being made for implementation arrangements. Apart from these key construction sites, in Binh Duong new city, there are also international hospital with the scope of 1,000 beds; commercial, financial centers, banks, officers, hotels, sports areas… All are being gradually built for completion. In addition, surrounding residential areas are arranged harmoniously in a green space which is convenient in transport, full of facilities and services. This will be ideal living environment to satisfy the every demand of the residents.

It is impossible but truthful that a 4,196 ha-area of pure agricultural region which in 7 previous years was hilly, rock and depressed area with unproductive land, people’s unstable income now changes its look. This area is becoming an industrial city and modern urban center, which is promised to produce out many products and train new human resources, where enterprises and scientists work and research and it will become the face of Binh Duong in the future. In the near future, the Complex will become a so important emphasis in the industrialization and modernization process of not only Binh Duong but also the region and the country.

Source: Binh Duong Newspaper

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