Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City – New development of a young urban area


For the last years, capital as well as quality of technology, services… of the foreign-invested projects in the province has been seen to have an improved trend, contributing to the hastening of the provincial industrialization and modernization process and thus leading to the development of many urban, commercial and service areas which creates a nicely modern new look for the province. With the hope that local residents will be much more benefited from increasingly convenient, modern and civilized living environment keeping up with other developed cities in the world, Becamex Industrial Investment and Development Corporation (Becamex IDC) has invested in building Binh Duong new urban center covered an area of 1,000 hectares in Binh Duong Service – Industry – Urban Complex. The project has officially been put in construction since April, 2010. After less than 2 years under construction, up to now its new look of a modern urban area with enough comfortable, convenient facilities for learning, working, entertaining… has been gradually appeared. Along with investing in complete infrastructure ranging from traffic, water, electricity, telecommunication to parks, ecological lakes, waterfalls…, one member company limited (Becamex IDC) as an investor also pays much attention to constructing universities, high schools, kindergartens, commercial and sports areas, convention and event centers…and many other facilities in order to meet the diverse demands of the first residents to the area.

The main purposes of constructing Binh Duong new urban area are to meet the provincial set target of developing a sustainable industry and to make a great contribution to further strengthening the Southern key economic zone. Binh Duong new urban area will be considered a key emphasized point with grand scale which not only meets the international criteria required for life, work, entertainment… but also is a new look of the province.


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In addition, the project is regarded as a significant one, greatly contributing to the rapid urban development of the province in the renovation period, step by step promoting the province to become a centrally-governed city by 2020 and satisfying the demand and aspiration of its authority and local people. It will be an ideal destination for many investors, attracting more human, financial, material and intellectual resources for the city in the near future.

The new urban area will be a Industry – Service – Urban Complex which serves 125,000 residents and more than 4,000 labors who regularly come to work here. Moreover, it will play a vital role in planning functional areas and infrastructure in line with the international standards and vision.

With those objectives, Becamex IDC has associated with foreign investors to build up internationally standardized works besides its internal resources, among which typically is Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City.

Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City is located in the new urban area of Binh Duong Industry – Service – Urban Complex with a goal to put the provincial commercial, service, entertainment and housing areas into development and trade. The project is designed to cover an area of 714,525m2 with the total capital investment of VND 25trillion (USD 1,200,550,000). As expected, the project will provide about 7,500 apartments, buildings, commercial, entertainment, service areas and offices. Based on experiences obtained from its achievements over the years and especially the success in developing Tokyu Tama Denen City project in Japan, Tokyu Corporation, the first Japanese one to export technologies for urban development to Viet Nam, would like to build up a modern city matched with Binh Duong’s scale as it becomes centrally- governed city in 2020.

It is known that Japan has been one of the countries with the highest direct investment in Viet Nam up to now. Moreover, apart from Japanese Government-funded projects, so far no other foreign-invested projects of Japanese enterprises have been as big as that of Tokyu Binh Duong Co. this time. Japanese enterprises have been laid special expectancy on tighter cooperation between Tokyu Corporation and Becamex IDC, considered it a new developing step in strategic partner relationship between Japan and Viet Nam in which Tokyu Corporation serves as a bridge.

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Extra information:

Tokyu Corporation is one of the top groups in Japan operating in various fields such as metro industry, urban renewal and development, transportation, supermarket retail, hotel industry and culture, education…
Becamex IDC is involved in the key areas such as securities, finance, insurance, banking, construction, trade, real estate, services, telecommunication – information technology, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and education. Typically, it has achieved great successes in many areas such as infrastructure investment and development for industrial zones, new Residential and Urban areas and transportation infrastructure.
The two groups share the common feature in which both are multi-industry economic corporations investing in large-scale projects to provide stable, sustainable and convenient living environment for local people.
On February 27, 2012, the two sides officially signed a joint venture contract to become strategic partners of each other and agreed to establish the Becamex Tokyu Co., Ltd., – the investor of Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City project.

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