“Vietnam is a trust destination for Japanese enterprises”



According to VNA special envoy, in the afternoon of 17-3, in Tokyo (Japan), President Truong Tan Sang attended the opening ceremony of Vietnam-Japan Enterprises Forum organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

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President Truong Tan Sang attended and spoke at the Vietnam-Japan Enterprises Forum (Photo: Nguyen Khang/VNA)

At the forum, the leading enterprises of Vietnam and Japan all discussed about the opportunities to cooperation, affirming that over the past 40 years, especially after the establishment of strategic partnership in 2009, the relationship of Vietnam – Japan has developed strongly and substantial in many areas.

The spirit of strategic partnership has extensive spread in the friendship cooperation not only between different levels and sectors in which both the central sectors but the local ones, the associations and enterprises of the two countries; and go on emotion and exchanges among the classes of people, intellectuals and young people of Vietnam and Japan .

In the economic field, Japan has firmly established its position as the top important economic partner, the country ‘s largest provider of ODA , the foreign investor no. 1, the 4th largest trade partner of Vietnam .
The commercial turnover between the two countries has increased 5 times just in 10 years, from less than $ 5 billion in 2002 to nearly $ 25 billion in 2012 .

Most of the leading Japanese corporations were present and their business is efficient, stable and long term in Vietnam market , contributing to the socio- economic development and industrialization , modernization of Vietnam.

In a recent survey carried out by JETRO, about 70% of Japanese companies investing in Vietnam intends to expand their production scale, business because they found the prospects for the revenue and profits growth.

Speaking at the forum, President Truong Tan Sang expressed his appreciation before the contribution of the Japanese businesses community for the relationship between the two countries as well as the development of Vietnam .

Affirming that Vietnam continues a strong innovation, President Truong Tan Sang emphasized that with the formation of Economic Community of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2015, Vietnam is not only as a important gateway of the Mekong sub-region, but also to become an active nuclear in the potential center of economic development. .

For the first time Vietnam conducted simultaneously the negotiations on the free trade area with all the leading economic centers in the world, creating useful platforms for the equal long -term, constructive and mutually beneficial partnership.
Like Japan, Vietnam attaches importance to the process of negotiating the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) one of the potential economic links of the Asia – Pacific region .

With the prospect of finishing 14 free trade agreements (FTA) with period from 2015 to 2020, Vietnam will become an important link in the extensive economic link network with 55 partners, including 15 members the Group of developed and emerging economies (G20) .

This is the basic foundations for Vietnam to link to the region, integrate with international economics on new heights and deeper participation in the global value chains .

Affirming that the development of Vietnam – Japan strategic partnership requires not only the efforts of the two governments, but also the support and efforts of the business communities of the two countries, President Truong Tan Sang proposed that Japanese enterprises should consider Vietnam a trust destination,, further expanding their business and implementing long -term investment in Vietnam, soon promoting the commercial turnover reached of $ 50 billion and more by 2020.

On this occasion, President Truong Tan Sang witnessed the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In the afternoon of 17-3, President Truong Tan Sang received and awarded the Friendship Medal for Mr. Takesaki Hironobu, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Japan .

At the meeting, President Truong Tan Sang emphasized in the overall cooperative friendly relationships with Japan, the cooperation in the field of law and justice is the contents attracting the interests by Vietnam .

The President appreciated the active cooperation that Mr. Hironobu and the Supreme Court of Japan have given for the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam as well as the relevant agencies of Vietnam in the field of research, building up of legal documents and professional materials for years.

The President expressed his pleasure when directly awarded the Friendship Medal – the highest reward of Vietnam for a foreign organization – the Supreme Court of Japan .

Mr. Hironobu expressed his honor as being on behalf of the Japan Supreme Court to receive such noble award, asseted that the two Supreme Courts have close relations, confirmed that in the future the Supreme Court of Japan will continue to have many positive, effective contributions for the cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, especially in judicial reform efforts.

Meeting with Mr. Hideaki Omura, Aichi Prefecture ‘s Governor, President Truong Tan Sang expressed his satisfaction when the friendly cooperative relations between Vietnam and the Aichi prefecture in particular and Chyubu area have been seen constantly expanding, boldly reflecting the relations development of the two countries in all fields.

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President Truong Tan Sang witnessed the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between VCCI and JCCI.

(Photo: Nguyễn Khang/VNA)

The President expressed his appreciation for Mr. Omura’s many visits in recent years, showing the degree of cohesive development of partnerships between Aichi Prefecture and Chyubu area with Vietnam as well as Mr. Omura own affection to Vietnam.

On this occasion, President Truong Tan Sang also appreciated and thanked the authorities, individually the Governor as well as the representative of authorities of the Aichi Prefecture in their coordination and support of Program “Hello Vietnam” organized by the Vietnam Embassy in Aichi Prefecture on 9/2013 on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Vietnam – Japan Friendship of establishing diplomatic relations .

Mr. Omura suggested some specific ideas to strengthen the cooperation relations, especially in economic, agricultural and medical cooperations of both nations. President Truong Tan Sang welcomed and affirmed the State of Vietnam will continue its efforts to create favorable conditions for Aichi Prefecture’s enterprises to do business, implement long-term and effective investment in Vietnam.

In particular, the President emphasized that Vietnam wants to further promote the cooperation of human resources development and suggest the administration economic authorities of Aichi Prefecture continue their interest to support more Vietnamese students, trainees living, studying and training in the area.

Mr. Omura said the number of Vietnamese studying students in Aichi Prefecture accounts for the largest proportion of ASEAN countries, confirmed that with the existing strengths, including the direct flight line connecting Vietnam and Aichi Prefecture, it will continue to strengthen its relations with the localities of Vietnam, contributing to the economic-socio development of Vietnam.

Also in the afternoon of 17-3, President Truong Tan Sang attended a meeting with Japanese friends, with former acting chairman of Democratic Party Yoshito Sengoku and former Senator Iwao Matsuda.

In an atmosphere of intimacy and friendship, President Truong Tan Sang expressed his emotion and delight to meet the sincere friends, active pioneers and volunteers who always do at their best efforts to contribute for the relations of friendly cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.

The President asserted that, though far apart from natural geography but the relationship between the two nations began for far more long time before and the two nations share many common values.

The cultural similarities and the relationship with a long history have been a natural glue linking the two countries, two peoples, forming the cultural , historical and strong social bases for the relations between two countries up to now, making the two peoples sympathy and understanding each other, mutually bounding more closely.

On this occasion, President Truong Tan Sang has announced some basics about the situation of Vietnam in recent times, especially Vietnam ‘s determination to maintain its macroeconomic stability, coupled with promoting the economic restructure and growth model renovation to achieve the goal of becoming an industrialized country towards the modernization and the deployment of consistency in its independent, self-controlling, peaceful, cooperative, multi-diversified, international-relation multilateralizing foreign policies, proactive in the international integration. Vietnam is a friend and reliable partner and responsible member in the international community because of national, ethnic interests.
President Truong Tan Sang affirmed that in overall external relations, Vietnam has always regarded Japan as one of the leading important partners. Over the past years, the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Japan has increasingly developed with many milestones, especially the establishment of ” Strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in 2009 . ”
The President also affirmed in every step of the development of the relations between the two countries there have the important contributions of friendly exchanges between the two countries, including the efforts of the Vietnam-Japan people friendship organizations.

On the occasion of the meetings with Japanese friends, on behalf of the State of Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang expressed the heartfelt thank and appreciation of the dedication of the organizations and individuals that have always contribute to the friendly relations between the two countries and affirmed that the State of Vietnam will continue to create the most favorable conditions for constantly evolving the relationship and cooperation between Vietnam and Japan peoples.

Meeting with Nikkei Group Chairman Tsuneo Kita, President Truong Tan Sang said that in the friendly relations of cooperation between the two countries, the role of the Japanese media is also very important in the promotion, as well as introduction of Vietnamese image and information provision to Japan numerous readers.

President appreciated the positive role of Nikkei in the provision of information about Vietnam as well as the partnership of Vietnam – Japan to the Japanese people .

Besides, President Truong Tan Sang also appreciated the extensive exchange contents of the Conference ” The Future of Asia, ” organized by the Nikkei newspaper annually, considering this an important and prestige forum to create the conditions of exchanging views by the Asian leaders on currently interested issues and recommending for promoting the peace, cooperation and development in the region. Therefore, the leaders of the State, the Government of Vietnam regularly attend and speak at this conference.

Mr. Kita confirmed that Nikkei Group is always interested to monitor and report positive news about the relationship between Vietnam – Japan and Vietnam economic-social situation, appreciate Vietnam’s efforts to maintain stability for the macro economy, coupled with boosting the economic restructure and growth model renovation , as well as its positive contributions in the area.

As a leading media group in Japan , the Nikkei will continue to provide useful and timely information about the business environment in Vietnam for Japanese businesses, thereby contributing to promoting the multifaceted relationship and cooperation between the two countries.

Also on 17-3, in the framework of the state visit of President Truong Tan Sang to Japan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat has worked with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan Yoshimasa Hayashi , Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang has worked with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan Akihiro Ohta, Deputy Minister of Health Pham Le Tuan has worked with the Deputy Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

During the works, the two sides discussed specific measures to promote the cooperation between the two countries in the relevant fields. / .

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