Striving for Smart and Sustainable Growth

With a long-term vision, we focus on creating sustainable value in the development of the community, economy, environment and society.

We have initiated and created social housing and other solutions for the community. Serving as a role model to promote and leverage the participation of many other businesses and segments of society to contribute together, we have spread and brought greater success and general prosperity.

Driving Economic Transformation

Our projects turn large green fields of low productivity into vibrant industrial townships, which attract a diverse spectrum of economic activities.


Our investment in strategic industrial and transportation corridor infrastructure not only promotes the attractions of our development estate but also drives the rapid pace of industrialization in Binh Duong and where we establish our presence.

Creating Jobs

Our industrial parks enable the creation of a great variety of employment opportunities for both local and migrant workforces, who previously engaged in low productivity jobs.

Powering Innovation

From industrialization to innovation, we have driven major initiatives to power the building of new growth foundations of Binh Duong, being the Binh Duong Smart City strategy and the Binh Duong Innovation Region.


We have also aggressively invested in our innovation services and developing a new generation model of industrialization – Science and Technology Industrial Park.

Transforming Lives

We provide responsible resettlement policies and programs to ensure resettled people can enjoy a better life sustainably and benefit greatly from our developments. This explains our unparalleled ability to develop large-scale projects smoothly with strong support from the community.

Building Homes

We not only take care of our industrial customers but also their workers. As the largest social housing developer in the country, we pioneer the creation of new homes for the workforce and are the role model for other stakeholders to join hands and contribute.


We also actively invest in sporting, cultural and educational amenities and activities to ensure livable, vibrant and inclusive communities around our developments.

Nurturing The Next Generation

We invest in quality education, from the Vietnam Singapore Vocational College in the early days, to the current high-quality education system: Eastern International University, Nguyen Khuyen, Ngo Thoi Nhiem Inter-level School…, in order to equip the workforce with future-ready skills and nurture the next generation of talent.

High Environmental Protection Standards

We always set high environmental standards within our development estates, especially for industrial waste treatment practices.


We always ensure supplying adequate clean water sources to residents and businesses according to WHO standards, as well as treating wastewater from type B to A before discharging into the environment. All environmental facilities such as vegetation, technical infrastructures, waste collecting – sorting – treating systems… comply with ISO 14001:2015 standards.


<Binh Duong Water – Environment JSC>

Green Developments

‘Green’ and ‘Clean’ are the key features in our developments such as green corridors and park connectors. Our properties are developed as a park with green spaces and connections, creating an attractive work – live – play environment for people.


Becamex Greenery Nursery Plant with a total area of 80 hectares has planted over 1 million plants grown from seeds, supported planting 150 trees on the streets and green areas every day for the past decade and provided over half a million shade trees.

Focused On Environmental Responsibility

Our policy is attracting environmentally friendly customers into our development estates and focusing on promoting high-tech or supporting industries.

Powered By Renewable Energy

Our joint venture with Sembcorp, a world leading energy company, promotes solar energy adoption by converting factory and warehouse rooftops into renewable energy generators.