Becamex Business Incubator in Binh Duong


Entrepreneurship is a new element that has been widely known in recent years. Start-up development and innovation are at the heart of many countries’ economic development policies. As a further step in the country’s economy, many innovative business ideas are launched and the ones that spark them are business nurseries. With the role of a university – an indispensable supporting component of the startup ecosystem, Eastern International University has introduced the Entrepreneurship major into the training program and established the Business Incubator with the vision “Promoting entrepreneurship thinking in the region, thereby contributing new value to the community and national economy”, bringing many programs and services to support the startup community.

The Business Incubator at Eastern International University’s Campus

BBI supports individuals and organizations to realize their startup ideas through the development of services, facilities and training courses. It can be said that BBI is the most ideal space for individuals and organizations to initially build their career. Eastern International University Business Incubator maximizes its function and mission through creating a professional working environment. Besides, BBI’s start-up experts are always ready to support, consult, guide and offer comprehensive professional solutions for newly established businesses.

Eastern International University, with the desire to strongly develop the startup ecosystem in Binh Duong and support the startup community, especially for students, has regularly held seminars and meetings with investors. Through these events, the startup community has more opportunities to connect and call for investment.

In addition, BBI also organizes an annual contest to find entrepreneurship ideas for all Vietnamese citizens

The story of starting a business at BBI

Mr. Tran Huy Tuong – Alumni of Finance at Eastern International University (EIU) – founder of PCBZONEVN Electronic Company – a startup business and has more than two years of operation at BBI, shares that “the working environment here is really good, the office has modern equipment, separate functional areas that greatly support the company in the process of working, meeting, displaying products, reception of the clients. In addition, the human resource problem is well solved because the company has the human resources of EIU’s Engineering students ”. Mr. Tuong added that from the beginning of establishment, the teachers often meet, advise and provide professional support for him and the Company.

Mr. Tran Huy Toung – CEO of PCBZONEVN

Within the framework of programs to build the Startup Business Ecosystem in Binh Duong and contribute achievements in the creation of Binh Duong Smart City. The Business Incubator at Eastern International University is a place that inspires and nurtures entrepreneurial spirit and seeking creative ideas. Therefore, in line with the general trend – the Business Incubator is ready to welcome individuals and organizations with the spirit and ideas of entrepreneurship from the community, contributing to the overall development of the country.