Detailed Planning of Construction Space


Becamex Tower

The tower building is 23 – storey high and has a basement for parking area

• Construction area: 44,967 m2
• Used area: 35,684 m2
• Basement area: 3,737 m2

– Floor 1 is the area of high-class fashion for men and women, sportswear, fashionable accessories, dental services.
– Floor 2 is the area of underwear, fashion/toys for children, home appliances, self-selected Citimart.
– Floor 3 is the area of gastronomy, entertainment for children, Big Market (Cho Lon) electric and machinery supermarket.
– Floor 4 is for open-air restaurant, café.
• From the 5th to the 20th floor, they are used for the office block of Becamex IDC and offices for lease.

All offices are equipped with modern facilities for the modern office model.

* The buildings of the trade street

The trade street includes 75 buildings covering an area of 5 x 18 m, consisting of a ground floor, one first floor/mezzanine and two storeys.

• Walk paths, shopping street is designed into a unified front block
• The back of buildings in the trade street has 5-m wide internal road in order to increase the sales area for the area adjacent to the frontage.
• The elevator system is arranged adjacent to the internal road.
• Road is roofed.
• The basement for parking is 17,486 m2 wide.

* New Horizon high-class apartment

Located in the front of Binh Duong Boulevard, having 15 storeys and a basement as the parking area.

• The ground floor is for the management board and the service area such as banks, cafe.
• Floor 1 to storey 14, there have from 3 to 5 apartments. The fifteenth storey is the penthouse.
• The 24/7 security system, CCTV system, central gas and water heating system.
• New Horizon High Building consists of 65 high-class apartments, divided into six types with the symbols of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

* Sunrise high-class apartment complex

Having the precinct area of over 3,000 m2

• From 11 to 21 storeys high.
• Including 318 apartments with high-class and modern facilities covering the area from 90 to 160 m2.
• Having a basement as the car park, an empty ground floor to create open, connected space between the eastern trade street with the greenery park.

* New Star Trading – Service & High grade Apartment Complex

Having the precinct area of 4,520 m2 width, including a basement

• Podium floor, the trading – service block including a ground floor and 4 storeys, is focused by the system of supermarkets, shops, restaurants.
• Above the trading – service area is three high grade condominium blocks E, F, G, among which blocks E, F are 19-storey high and Block G is 25-storey high with total 255 apartments, with each average area of 80 to 150 m2.

* Galaxy 5 Star Hotel – Office Tower

Having the precinct area of 3,635 m2

The 38-storey high-class hotel – office block is designed as followed:

• 2 basements as the parking area
• 4-storey trading-service block
• Floor 5 as the technical area
• Floor 6 to 20 for offices
• Floor 21 as the technical and aerial yard, garden area.
• From floor 22 to 36, designed specifically for high-class hotel activities
• From floor 36 to 38, services for the entire tower.

*Yard, garden trees

Total area of lake, yard, garden trees is 12,247 m2, accounting for 20% of the planned area. Including:

• Focused trees are planned into two areas: the area between the work blocks and the southern triangle area creating a greenery and clean space for relaxation and entertainment.
• Trees are distributed into each beds combined with the connected walk passage between the work blocks and focused trees; creating greenery and safe space for the walk paths.

Besides, there is street greenery.