EIU Fablab integrates into the Fablab world organization


Currently, there are about 1,600 Fablab worldwide. Vietnam has 14 Fablab, of which Eastern International University Fablab (EIU Fablab) is the first Fablab in Binh Duong to be recognized by the Fablab system in the world.

Overview on the EIU Fablab

The fablab model was born as a spark that ignited the passion and creativity of the engineering community in general and the design community in particular. Although this concept is still quite new in Vietnam, the Fablab models have been greatly supporting the users, creating favorable conditions and platforms to develop their passion for creation. So, what is Fablab?

Fablab is an open space workshop for users to turn their ideas into products. Eastern International University Fablab – Binh Duong was opened to serve the crafting needs of the community inside and outside the EIU. EIU Fablab is built on a total area of 1000m2, currently the largest processing workshop in Vietnam, divided into 3 main areas: the idea-making area, the design and processing area, and rapid prototyping area. The workshop is equipped with modern machines such as 3D printers, laser engraving cutting machines, 3D scanners, CNC processing machines in addition to a small mechanical workshop fully equipped with equipment to help users create products from their designs.

The creative space at EIU Fablab is a place for ideas to be nurtured

Modern design area is where the ideas flow into specific designs

Bringing technology closer to the community – Welcome the community 24/7

EIU Fablab is the origin of passion and creativity in science and technology. It always welcomes individuals and organizations wishing to craft products through 24/7 services and free consultation.

EIU Fablab aims to create a future in which the application of modern science and technology will enhance the quality of life and human experience; is a place to nurture innovation and ideas of individuals and organizations. Here users can freely create and pursue their projects through the support of new technology with the guidance from experts in the field. From there, the products will be created, thoroughly tested, developed, and launched to benefit the community. In addition, valuable products can be supported by EIU for commercialization through the Community Connectivity Center. (Information about EIU Fablab at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/eiufablab)

The processing area is fully equipped with machines and equipment to realize ideas into real products

EIU Fablab regularly has meetings and exchanges for the passionate artisan community

EIU Fablab is not only for EIU members but also welcomes the whole community

Some products at EIU Fablab