Letting the library be “Dull”


The Library of Eastern International University (EIU) was built and designed to create a modern, comfortable learning, research and working environment. Aiming to be a 24/7 Community Library, EIU Library is gaining popularity among readers because of the remarkable ideal spaces.

Coming to EIU Library, readers can freely search information resources associated from the Central Library of the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City with 45,000 titles of printed books; 70,000 electronic books; 16,000 e-magazines and many other services.

A view from the outside into the service counter.

“Green” in terms of both image and energy-saving awareness, environmental protection is the orientation that EIU has been building. Covered by greenery both inside and outside, users can enjoy a very relaxed, fresh and modern learning and research environment.

The ground floor utilizes open space and natural light from the outside

Trees are placed in each small corner to bring a sense of gentle relaxation

Fixed charging stations are equipped with limited electrical outlet for individual power in some sitting areas to raise awareness of energy saving.

A modern computer space, assisting students in after-class study and research

The self-study area with green trees and both creative and convenient stools are used by students – lecturers as a place for discussion and exchange.

Still a self-study area, the 1st floor offers a very different design; the discussion area is a colorful space, covered by modern lighting, stimulating creativity and an active spirit in learning for students.

Colorful spaces to stimulate creativity

The small soundproofed meeting rooms serve individuals and groups who need a lively discussion space

The library are the students’ favourite after – class destination