Utilities of Industrial Park


Post Office:Branch of Binh Duong Post and post offices are located within the Industrial Park which are very convenient for installing telecommunication equipments as well as communication demand of the investors and the labors…..Besides, VNTT Technology and Communication Joint Stock Company have installed fiber cable system and operated telecommunication services to increase the quality of services provided to the investors at the Industrial Park in vietnam, Industrial Park in binh duong.

Banks:the bank, ATM system of famous and popular banks such as Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Bank for foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), Eastern Asia Bank (EAB),…are also located in the Industrial Park to serve for the demand for transferring and receiving money of the investors in Industrial Park in vietnam, Industrial Park in binh duong as well as salary payment through ATM of the enterprises.

Industrial Park in vietnam, Industrial Park in binh duong

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting: The professional fire fighting and fire prevention team are available at the Industrial Park. The fire fighting water supply system is provided along the local road axis. The 24/7 security force of the Industrial Park have professional skills on fire fighting and strike protection.

Security System: Security stations are located at necessary places in the Industrial Park with security staffs working 24/7 throughout the Industrial Park.

Labor Support and Consultancy Center: Office of the center is located at the Industrial Park to provide support and consultancy services for the investors in recruitment, labor policies; labor recruitment programs, job introduction and job support for the Industrial Park.

Inter-provincial coach and bus stations: Everyday, there are inter-provincial coach trips from My Phuoc Industrial Park (Binh Duong) to provinces in the Eastern Region and Northern provinces; Ho Chi Minh City – Thu Dau Mot Town- My Phuoc Industrial Park bus routes operate from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM with the interval of 15 minutes/trip to meet traveling demand of the workers in the Industrial Park.

Market – Supermarket: located in the convenient places in the Industrial Park, each market and supermarket is divided into small areas and provides different services such as self-selecting supermarket, supermarket, drinks and foods and other services. Vinatex Supermarket and Binh Duong Mart with an area of more than 3,000m2 and more than 50,000 goods from about 600 suppliers will meet demands of the workers and local people.

My Phuoc Commercial Center with 8 storeys located in the center of the Industrial Park will meet accommodation demand for foreign experts and foreigners in the Industrial Park and neighboring areas. Besides the foreign investors are constructing other commercial centers and shopping centers…

My Phuoc Theater: with weekly performances, the theater will meet demand for entertainment and arts of the workers and local people.

  • Type: Outdoor theater
  • Scale: 3,000 seats
  • Area: 6,400 m2

Industrial Park in vietnam, Industrial Park in binh duong

Sports Complex: including 04 tennis courts, football fields and volleyball fields, badminton fields which are operated regularly. The Industrial Park has organized many sport tournaments here to serve demand for relaxing, entertainment and exercise of the investors and the workers.

Schools: In the Industrial Park, private kindergartens, primary schools, vocational training and foreign language and computing centers to meet demand for studying of the workers and their children at the Industrial Park.

Besides, Mien Dong International University, member of Becamex IDC Corporation has operated to contribute actively to training and providing workers of high skills to the Industrial Park.

Accommodation Area for Workers and Experts: Besides Resettlement Areas and Hostel system constructed by the investors within the campus of the Industrial Park, Becamex IDC Corporation has invested to construct 2 buildings for the experts and staffs of the companies with the capacity of 1,800 shelters.

Currently, 12 social housing projects have been constructed by Becamex IDC Corporation in Hoa Loi Residential Area (Thu Dau Mot Town) and My Phuoc, Thoi Hoa and Bau Bang Industrial Parks and residential areas; A 4-storey building with the gross floor area of nearly 1,500,000 m2 (about 35,200 flats) with average area of 30 m2/flat (20m2 of the floor and 10m2 of mezzanine) offered at the price of about 100 million dongs will make the dream about a house of most of workers in Binh Duong come true.

My Phuoc Hospital: belonging to My Phuoc Hospital Joint Stock Company which is a member of Becamex IDC Corporation. The hospital has 200 beds with modern equipments and facilities and professional and experience doctors and nurses who are whole-hearted to their careers. The hospital will be expanded to meet the demand for disease examination and treatment of more than 500 patients at the best.

Restaurants and foods and drinks services: at the Industrial Park, there is the system of restaurants and foods and drinks services which have been constructed to meet the various demands for foods and drinks of the guests. Now, there are Dai Hong Cung Restaurant – My Phuoc 1 Industrial Park, Phuoc Thanh restaurant in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park Vita Food Company with restaurant following Italian style located at My Phuoc 2 Industrial Park,…

Customer Service Center at My Phuoc Industrial Park:

Having principle office in My Phuoc I Industrial Park and representative offices in My Phuoc 2, 3 Industrial Parks, Bau Dang industrial and Urban Park, the center is specialized in providing import, export, legal consultancy, translation, procedures guiding, job introduction and consultancy services for enterprises and participating in solving problems raised during the operation of the enterprises.