Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Hai Phong

  • Established: 2010
  • Area: 1,600 Ha comprising 500 Ha industrial zone and 1,100 Ha township

The 1,600 hectare VSIP Hai Phong was launched in January 2010 by Vietnam Prime Minister Mr Nguyen Tan Dung and Singapore Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong. Since its launch, the VSIP Hai Phong, which is being developed in stages, has received the investment license for 748 hectares of land for its start-up area, paving the way for foundation laying, arterial road construction, water and wastewater treatment plants. As the Vietnam government views the VSIP Hai Phong critical to the economic and social development of Hai Phong City, the VSIP Hai Phong has been fully incorporated into the Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone. It offers businesses operating in the VSIP Hai Phong government-supported investment incentives.

VSIP Hai Phong project adopts an integrated industrial park and township model, introducing residential, commercial and industrial mix. Key features of the VSIP Hai Phong include a central business district, a four-kilometer stretch of waterfront land, financial and arts districts and convention centre. The VSIP Hai Phong shares borderless space with the future government civic area and university. As a whole, these developments will form a new metropolitan area north of the Cam River in the heart of Hai Phong City.

Even though the project is still at an early stage, it has received attention from many potential investors. There have been 15 investors committed to establish their business in VSIP Hai Phong, including Kyocera Mita (Japan), which planned to commence its operation on Q3 2012.

Information about the Management Board:

175 National Road 10, Pho Moi, Tan Duong Commune, Thuy Nguyen Dist., Hai Phong.
Tel: (84.31 3959 868 Fax: (84.31) 3959 886