Becamex Tokyu Bus Project

Becamex Tokyu Bus Co., Ltd. was established in February 2014 with the purpose of bringing many amenities to Binh Duong New City, helping residents easily connect with Thu Dau Mot City and surrounding areas..


KAZE – Becamex Tokyu buss is the first Japanese transport project in Vietnam. This bus route is under the CNG bus development project of Binh Duong province and is a source of inspiration for using environmentally – friendly materials.

Becamex Tokyu buses operate according to new standards, providing a modern Japanese – style bus service such as:

1. Commitment to on time according to the schedule.
2. Clean & Luxurious and fully equipped with free wifi.
3. Drivers are trained according to Japanese standards, always polite and considerate to customers.
4. Operated on CNG technology – contributing to the protection of the Vietnamese environment.

Contact us:

Becamex Tokyu Bus Co., Ltd

Address: 349, Vo Van Tan Rd, Block 02, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.
Tel: (84) 274 222 0555
Fax: (84) 274 222 1587

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