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Becamex Tokyu Commercial Project

Becamex Tokyu Co., Ltd (BECAMEX TOKYU), established in March 2012, is the joint venture between Tokyu Corporation and Becamex IDC Corp., two major corporations in Japan and Vietnam, respectively.

With the motto “towards a beautiful era” and the support of two parent companies in terms of experience and technology, Becamex Tokyu has shown its competitive advantages in the field of real estate. Specifically, the company specializes in investment and real estate rental as well as activities associated with commercial business and transportation in Binh Duong New City.

Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City is located in Binh Duong New City covering more than 110 hectares, with over 7,500 apartments, commercial areas, services, and office spaces.

Hikari Food Court

The project is located in the centre of Binh Duong New City and adjacent to the Integrated Administration Centre (IAC). This commercial area, adopting Japanese hospitable style, includes a food court, convenience stores and standalone restaurants for those working in the administrative center and visitors to Binh Duong New City as well as the residents of the surrounding areas (TDC plaza, Mien Dong International University, Singapore International School, Cultural and Entertainment Center – to be built in the future).

This is the venue for meaningful community activities that bring spiritual values ​​to the people of Binh Duong take place. These activities, including Japanese Summer Festivals, Doraemon Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and SASUKE game to promote Vietnam – Japan friendship.


Dự án thương mại MIDORI PARK Square nằm trong khuôn viên khu Đô Thị MIDORI Park với các nhà hàng ẩm thực nổi tiếng và cửa hàng tiện lợi. Cùng với dự án The View và Khu nhà phố Thương mại MIDORI Park, MIDORI PARK Square được kỳ vọng trở thành một tổ hợp thương mại hiện đại mang đến nhiều tiện ích cho Cư dân của MIDORI Park và các khu vực lân cận.


Midori Park Square is located in Midori Park urban area with famous restaurants and convenience stores. Together with The View and Midori Park, Midori Park Square is expected to become a modern commercial complex that brings many benefits for the residents in the area.

SORA Garden I Shopping Center

Located on the ground floor of SORA Garden I with various business units such as VietinBank, Family Mart convenience store, Wakaba Japanese restaurant, Yoriga Korean restaurant, BIA Factory, and Dalat House that contributes to the catering, shopping and entertainment needs of SORA residents and the New City community.

Contact us:

Becamex Tokyu Co., Ltd

Address: Ground floor SORA gardens 1, Unit C18, Hung Vuong Avenue, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong province, Vietnam.
Tel: (84) 274 222 1109
Fax: (84) 274 222 1112

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