Binh Duong Industry – Urban – Service Complex

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Binh Duong Industry – Urban – Service Complex

Location: The complex is planned on an area of 4,196 ha located in the town of Ben Cat, Tan Uyen and Thu Dau Mot City.

Planning: Binh Duong Industrial – Service – Urban Complex is master-planned to include the following: Industrial Parks, High – end service areas, resettlement and new urban areas.

1. Industrial zone: (about 1.800ha)

With clean industries, no environment pollution, high level of intelligence, regional and international market competitiveness; giving priority to developing the industries of electric & electronics, information technology, furniture, etc..

Current investors:

  • Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park 2: 344 hectares
  • Song Than 3 Industrial Park: 533 hectares
  • Dai Dang Industrial Park: 274 hectares
  • Phu Gia Industrial Park: 133 hectares
  • Dong An Industrial Park 2: 158 hectares
  • Kim Huy Industrial Park: 237 hectares

2. High – end service area: (about 612.7 hectares)


  • Twin Dove Golf: 302 hectares
  • Film Studio: 10 hectares
  • And others general services.

3. Urban and Resettlement Areas (about 1,662 hectares)


  • Urban and administrative centers, cultural, medical, education, commercial, hotel, and offices for rent: 62.3 hectares
  • Urban Area – 708 hectares: including apartments, low – rise garden houses, townhouses
  • Resettlement Area – 655 hectares: Townhouses and condominiums
  • Parks & Recreational Areas – about 71 hectares: Connected with the new residential and resettlement area.


From 2005-2020, including:

– Construction of frame infrastructure, power generators, industrial and service zones: 2005 – 2010.
– Construction of new urban areas: from 2010 to 2020.


1. Resettlement Arrangements:

The Provincial People’s Committee has approved the detailed planning of 5 resettlement areas in Phu My Ward (71 hectares), Hoa Loi Ward (140.6 hectares), Dinh Hoa Ward (78.4 hectares), Phu Chanh Ward (248 hectares), and Tan Vinh Hiep Ward (103 hectares) to serve the resettlement arrangements for households in the planning area. So far, Becamex IDC has completed the technical infrastructure under the approved plan and has completed the allocation of resettlement land to all households in the planning area to have a stable life.

2. Construction of Main Routes

– Main Route: According to the approved plan, the Complex has 7 main routes with a total length of 34.4km, basically completed to ensure smooth traffic throughout the area and connecting with the general traffic systems such as: My Phuoc – Tan Van Road, Ring Road 4 (will be built in the future), National Highway 13, DT741, DT742, DT743, and DT746.

– Drainage Channel: In the whole industrial park, there are 3 main drainage canals with a total length of 34km completed and operational.

– Electricity, Water, Post and Telecommunications System: Under the approved scheme, the investor has coordinated with the authorized agencies to organize the survey and construction. So far, meeting the needs of the people in the resettlement areas and investors in the Complex.

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