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Eastern International University (EIU)

Eastern International University was born from the aspiration of the Chairman of Becamex IDC and EIU, about an international standard university like the United State’s or Europes, but in the region so that everyone can enjoy the value of an International University right in Binh Duong.

With the philosophy of “Human – Community – Innovation – Sustainability”, EIU is not only a university model that is limited between teaching and learning, but also a community of people working, studying and researching for the common development. Currently, EIU is focusing on training major fields of Management, Engineering – Technology, and Healthcare.

Educational Philosophy


Taking people-centered approach as a driver for promoting science and culture.


Our community values: (1) Close and sincere interaction among individuals on a base of personal relationship controlled by small groups; (2) Strong emotional and sentimental connections when (co)operating any specific work; (3) Spiritual dedication and commitment to social values ​​admired by the mass of society; (4) Sense of solidarity.


The first creation or implementation of something unprecedented.


Long – Lasting

Vision to 2030

Eastern International University (EIU) aims to become an internationally accredited multi-disciplinary university, and a leading institution of culture, applied research and technology transfer in Vietnam.


Eastern International University is a university belonging to Becamex IDC, operating under the model of many schools in one university; a place that attracts and concentrates graduate lecturers from many European and American countries; train students in the direction of research – application, good at both professional and foreign languages, according to the main ideology that is close relationship – mutual support and service to the community; training according to the practical development needs, contributing to promoting the sustainable development of the country.

Core values

“Serve the Community”

Contact us:


Address: Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Road, Hoa Phu Ward, Binh Duong New Town, Binh Duong Province.

Tel: (+84.274)222 0341 Fax: (+84.274) 222 0313

Website: www.eiu.edu.vn

Email: info@eiu.edu.vn

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