A Sustainable Coastal Economic Region

The South Central Coast is home to the Binh Dinh province, a key economic center with a total natural area of ​​about 6,070 km2.

The province’s seamless and integrated transportation system contributes to the development of province-wide tourism, services, industrial production and other sustainability and productivity related initiatives.

Binh Dinh At A Glance


From Ha Noi


From Ho Chi Minh City


From Da Nang


From Bo Y international border gate through Laos (Kon Tum province)


From Phu Cat international airport to Quy Nhon city center.

3 Seaports

The system of seaports is the closest gateway to the East Sea and Mekong Subregion


Approximately 1,490,000 people (2021).


Tourism and services currently account for the highest proportion ~39% of GRDP.

Industry accounts for ~29% of GRDP.

Attracted 84 projects with a total foreign investment capital of 979.3 million USD.

Transportation Infrastructure

Fully completed transportation system including road, rail, sea and air infrastructure.

118km of National Highway 1A, 19 km of Road 1D and 40 km of Road 19C, connecting provincial and district access to Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial Park.

Dieu Tri Station – One of the 10 largest railway stations in Vietnam, only 12km from the Quy Nhon city center and the seaports.

Quy Nhon International Port – 6.3km long, 110m wide, 11m deep, 13.8m high draft for ships, serving vessels up to 70,000 DTW.

Thi Nai Port – Nearby Quy Nhon port, berth length of 268m and depth of 4 – 6m, wharf length 160m, serving vessels from 10,000 DTW.

Nhon Hoi Sea Port (in progress) – Located in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, with total area of ​​​​165 hectares, serving vessels up to 50,000 DTW, cargo volume of 12 million tons/year.

Phu Cat International Airport – 30km from Quy Nhon city center, offering flights to major gateway cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Hai Phong and key international routes.

Urban Infrastructure

Education: Three large universities – Quy Nhon University, Quang Trung University and FPT University with 15,000 students. Becamex provides employment opportunities for around 3,000 university students and other skilled workers from colleges and vocational schools such as Binh Dinh College, Quy Nhon Technical College of Technology, Binh Dinh Medical College…

Healthcare: A system of 187 medical facilities with over 4,700 beds and a team of about 5,780 medical staff are always available to provide treatment and diagnostics for patients.

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