Vietnam’s Manufacturing Hub Transforming To Be An Innovation Region

Located at the center of the Southern Key Economic Region and adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong is Vietnam’s leading manufacturing hub, thanks to its strategic location, integrated high-quality infrastructure and pro-business government.

The province is leading the country in industrial FDI attraction and is poised to become an innovation region, with strong ties with Eindhoven, Daejeon and Yamaguchi. Recently, Binh Duong Smart City has been named as one of the Global Top7 Intelligent Communities in 2021.

Binh Duong At A Glance

2.6 Million+

Total population with 75.6% in working age

Top 1

Industrial province in FDI attraction

Top 1

Infrastructure development in Vietnam

Top 7

Global Intelligent Communities honored by ICF

Top 4

Vietnam PCI index ranking

WTC Binh Duong New City

A member of WTCA (World Trade Center Association)

The Map Of Binh Duong

Why Binh Duong?

Strategic Location

  • Adjacent to the north of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest economic center of Vietnam.
  • Excellent connectivity with supply chain networks and international gateways.
  • 30 – 40km to international airports and seaports; 30km to downtown HCMC.
  • Continuous investment in future-oriented infrastructure for transformational growth.

Integrated Infrastructure and Services

  • Industrial Services: One-stop industrial solutions.
  • Urban Services: Creating perfect live-work-play environments.
  • Innovation Services: Driving innovation, empowering the future.

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Pro – Business Government

  • Pioneering administration reform.
  • Dedicated industrial park management boards.
  • Foreign investors dialogues with Binh Duong’s government leaders.

Binh Duong Smart City Strategy

Binh Duong Smart City

In the endless quest to create new breakthroughs for sustainable growth, Becamex has initiated and strongly accompanies the Binh Duong government to build the strategy of “Binh Duong Smart City”, aiming to build a dynamic, creative and connected ecology, focusing on people and knowledge.

In 2021, Binh Duong Smart City was honored by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) as one of the Global Top 7 Intelligent Communities. This demonstrates the depth of our development strategies and the inclusiveness of community support, which have resulted in substantial and positive impact on society.


Binh Duong Innovation Region

Binh Duong is moving towards an innovative region with 5 key strategic thrusts to propel the future: (1) Transit-oriented development (TOD) urban development; (2) Innovative culture; (3) Balanced economy; (4) Digital transformation & Industry 4.0; (5) High-quality workforce.

Strategic Developments

Binh Duong New City

Binh Duong New City, at the heart of the Innovation Region, is developing to become:

  • Industrial City: Servicing surrounding industrial parks.
  • Science and Technology City: Attracting scientific research and technology transfer.
  • A liveable city: Attracting high-quality human resources.
  • A vibrant destination of international events.

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World Trade Center Binh Duong New City

World Trade Center Binh Duong New City, an official member of the World Trade Center Association with more than 300 WTCs from more than 100 countries, is a new destination for international trade activities in Vietnam’s Southern Key Economic Region.


Its mission is to promote sustainability and innovation for industrial activities and act as a dynamic platform for the development of the Science and Technology Industrial Park.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Top universities located in Binh Duong, including Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-Germany University, Eastern International University, etc are champions in innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives with comprehensive support for research and development, commercialization and technology startups.


Becamex’s innovation ecosystem includes the Becamex R&D Institute of Science and Technology; Techlabs, Fablabs; Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center; Becamex Business Incubator; Advanced Manufacturing Center, and Block71 Saigon – Becamex’s strategic partnership with the National University of Singapore – connecting Vietnam’s tech startup ecosystem with the world.

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Science And Technology Industrial Park

Science and Technology Industrial Park is the next generation of industrial parks, with a vision to become an innovation center of the Southern Key Economic Region, serving 4 main functional clusters: InnovationAdvanced Production , Recreation and Living cluster.


This destination will attract technology and knowledge-intensive activities, converging an ecosystem that comprehensively supports innovation activities such as training, research and development, technology transfer. Eventually, this will be amplified and raise the bar for other conventional industrial parks in the region.

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Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Center

In order to promote the development of services and the digital economy, Vietnam’s first cross-border e-commerce logistics center will be established in Binh Duong New City.


This will be a pilot model for new customs regulations, a technology platform connecting the state and businesses, and a cluster of logistic facilities for e-commerce.

Smart Logistics Corridor

We are actively cooperating with our partners to develop a smart, environmentally friendly logistics corridor, through a waterway transport system with river ports and a railway transport system to enhance inter-regional connectivity, maximize infrastructure capacity, shorten time and reduce logistics costs for enterprises.

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