A Ideal Destination For Investment

Located in the Southern Key Economic Region, Binh Phuoc province is strategically and conveniently positioned for industrial production development.

Today, with breakthrough policies and an initial revenue collection attracting a strong wave of investment, Binh Phuoc is well on the way to becoming a modern industrial center attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

Binh Phuoc At A Glance

Largest Area

In the Southeast Region of Vietnam

121km To HCMC

The provincial capital of Binh Phuoc is Dong Xoai city, 121km from Ho Chi Minh City along National Highways 13, 14 and 102km along Provincial Road 741

240km Border

Binh Phuoc is located in the Southern Key Economic Region and has a 240km border with the Kingdom of Cambodia

Connectivity Gateway

The province is both the gateway to the Region and the bridge to Cambodia and the Central Highlands of Vietnam


Approximately 995,000 people (2021).


The province’s economic growth reached 7.51%, ranking 5th out of 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam in 2020.

Transportation Infrastructure

Significant investment in critical infrastructure from traffic, electricity, water, telecommunications… to urban infrastructure.

National Highway 13 & 14, connecting Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Cambodia and Laos through the Hoa Lu international border point.

Industrial parks are well connected with Thi Vai – Cai Mep seaport and Tan Son Nhat international airport, both within short travel times via the Binh Phuoc – Tan Van route.

Major transportation infrastructure projects in the near future will ensure smooth connectivity for businesses: Ho Chi Minh City – Chon Thanh – Dak Nong expressway, Dong Phu – Binh Duong route; Di An – Hoa Lu railway project; Highway 14C connects Dak Nong with Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, and Long An. 

A network of wharves, inland ports and overpasses create advantages for domestic connectivity and international trading.

Industrial Developments

The province has 13 industrial parks with a total area of nearly 4,690 hectares, of which 8 IPs have been fully invested in and operationalized.

Natural Resources

Binh Phuoc province offers the biggest opportunities in the Southeast Region due to its large land bank. With a natural high fertility land area of nearly 6,860 km2, the area is ideal for the development of industrial crops such as cashew, rubber, pepper, fruit trees, grass cultivation, and raising cattle.

The province also promotes infrastructure construction. On-site materials such as cement, brick, stone, wood and construction sand can be readily resourced for construction and industrial development.

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