Green And Smart Industrial Ecosystem, Integrated With The Foundation Of Innovation And Science Technology

Becamex is accelerating a new generation industrial ecosystem comprising different models to attract high-value investment:

  • Science and Technology Industrial Zone
  • Information Technology – Business Park
  • Science Park

The objective of this initiative is to attract a highly skilled workforce and talent, focusing on activities that leverage skills, enhance knowledge, and drive technological advancement. It will create a comprehensive support ecosystem that includes education and training, research and development, and technology transfer.

Science and Technology Industrial Zone

The Science and Technology Industrial Park (STIP) is a concrete action plan by Becamex in response to the requirements of innovation and industrial transformation. Spanning nearly 1800 hectares, the network of Science and Technology Industrial Parks is a strategic initiative by Becamex for the new generation industrial park model. It aims to become a regional hub for innovation and has the mission of building an ideal platform to attract investment capital and high-quality human resources in the field of science and technology.

The functional clusters of STIP are integrated into a complete ecosystem, enabling seamless access to education and training, research and development, technology commercialization, and promoting the application of science and technology to expand high-tech production. This aims towards the establishment of future science and technology cities.

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Information Technology – Business Park

The project comprises a 50-hectare Technology Commerce Zone, designed to catalyze economic growth and provide a dynamic development setting for enterprises of every scale and sector. It will incorporate a mix of flexible office spaces, modern commercial-service zones, light industrial infrastructure, research and development facilities, and public amenities.

The Business and Information Technology Park acts as a lively and appealing center for businesses, encouraging collaboration and extending business networks, supporting growth, and creating job opportunities for the community. It promotes smart, sustainable, and environmentally friendly development.

Science Park

The project, spanning 50 hectares, is envisioned as a Science and Technology Hub to drive innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development. The Technology Park will encompass a diverse range of functions, including research facilities, incubation spaces, educational institutions, commercial-service zones, and public amenities. Its primary targets include:

  • Research institutions and universities
  • Technology startups and SMEs
  • Multinational corporations and venture capitalists
  • Local communities

This dynamic hub will serve as a focal point for scientific and technological endeavors, fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and government, attracting and retaining top research experts, entrepreneurs, and investors, and thereby contributing to economic growth, employment, and sustainable development.


Innovation And Startup Ecosystem

Becamex and Eastern International University are building the foundation for an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem centered in the new city of Binh Duong, focusing on fostering research and development activities to provide comprehensive support for technology startups. This initiative involves collaborating with leading consulting and technology corporations to enhance businesses through advanced solutions such as Private 5G and automation.

Becamex R&D Institute of Science and Technology

The Becamex R&D Institute of Science and Technology promotes research and innovation activities, gradually strengthening enterprise capabilities to position Becamex as a leading corporation in technology development and application. Through robust R&D strategies, it contributes to advancing manufacturing infrastructure locally and nationally.

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Vietnam – Singapore Innovation Center

The Vietnam – Singapore Innovation Center, spearheaded by Becamex and funded through its Science and Technology Development Fund, is driving transformation in Binh Duong province. It prioritizes fostering innovation, enhancing research and development capabilities, and attracting top talent to advance industrial and technological sectors.

The center offers support across diverse fields such as electronics, automation, advanced materials, AI, big data, and healthcare sciences, with the goal of overcoming the middle-income trap and establishing a cutting-edge Science and Technology Industrial Park. Additionally, it provides assistance through shared facilities and services including the Industry 4.0 Center, Advanced Manufacturing Center, and educational and training resources.

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Smart Manufacturing Center

Innovation is the primary driving force towards Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing activities. The Smart Manufacturing Center is our pioneering initiative, aiming to position Becamex as a leading research and technology transfer hub in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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Becamex Business Incubator

Through educational initiatives, mentoring, and creating business development opportunities, the Becamex Business Incubator (BBI) offers in-depth and advanced incubation support services for startups, especially those in manufacturing and technology entrepreneurship, to bolster our innovation ecosystem.

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Block 71 Saigon

Becamex is a strategic partner of the National University of Singapore in Vietnam to develop the global network Block 71, an initiative of NUS Enterprise aimed at establishing collaborative relationships and strategies with businesses and governments. Block 71 Saigon builds an ecosystem focused on technology and global business connections, serving as a catalyst and gathering point for the startup community, fostering new initiatives, and providing opportunities for businesses to be advised and grow in both local and global markets.

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Building An Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) With ESG Criteria, Aiming For Net Zero

Becamex pioneers alongside the World Bank in developing Vietnam’s first Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) through enhancing the governance and operation model of existing industrial parks based on ESG strategies. It implements industrial symbiosis, renewable energy production, enhances water circulation efficiency and resource utilization, promoting the development of an ecosystem fully supporting high-tech manufacturing activities, thereby propagating towards the goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Word Trade Center Binh Duong New City

WTC Binh Duong New City is Vietnam’s exclusive official member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). It serves as a versatile hub with a wide range of amenities and services, facilitating international trade and linking to the global WTC network. Moreover, it acts as a pivotal connection point between Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City via urban rail, fostering urban development based on modern Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) principles.

Smart Logistics Corridor And Supply Chain

Becamex actively partners with stakeholders to develop green and intelligent logistics corridors, integrating multimodal transportation via waterways, container railways, logistics hubs, and bonded areas to enhance inter-regional connectivity, optimize infrastructure capacity, and reduce energy, time, and transportation costs for businesses.

To foster digital service and economic growth, Vietnam’s inaugural Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics Center will be established in Binh Duong New City. Serving as a testbed for new customs regulations, a technology platform linking government and businesses, and a cluster of logistics infrastructure for e-commerce.

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