Integrated Industrial Parks & Townships

Becamex is Vietnam’s leading industrial and urban real estate developer providing comprehensive solutions for investors.

All industrial parks are developed and integrated with urban township and services. Becamex’s pioneering model creates an ideal living and working environment for residents, workers and investors.


Over three decades, Becamex has developed an extensive network of integrated industrial parks and urban townships throughout Binh Duong and across the country, stretching from North to South.


We are experts at planning, designing and developing Integrated Industrial Parks and Townships to meet global industrial development standards and advocating sustainability.



Our mega-scale developments are attractive destinations for investors and offer highly qualified workforces, creating prosperity and sustainable value for communities.

Electricity Supply

Reliable and sustainable electricity supply

Water Supply / Water Treatment

Reliable on-premise clean water supply & centralised wastewater treatment plant
(ISO 14001:2015 standards)

Transportation Network

High capacity, well connected internal & regional road network


Modern digital & telecommunications infrastructure & solutions

One-Stop Service

Efficient one-stop administration services

On-Site Customs Clearance

Efficient on-site & electronic customs clearance services

Free Services to Support the Implementation of Investment Projects

Proactive pre and post-investment licensing & government relations consultancy

Center of Labor Support and Consultancy Solutions

Holistic operations value-added support (e.g. Labor recruitment, business center, seminars)


24/7 on-site firefighting facilities & professional services

24-Hour Security

24/7 surveillance systems & professional in-house security teams

Social Housing

Integrated social housing development within our industrial townships


High quality healthcare facilities & services

Education and Vocational Training

Full-range of education facilities & services: K-12, vocational centers, higher education

Culture, Sports and Recreation

Community-centric culture, sports and recreation amenities

Commercial and Services

Diverse commercial trade facilities & services: professional, hospitality, exhibition, retail

A Comprehensive Ecosystem

Becamex has pioneered a comprehensive business ecosystem to meet the growing needs of investors, from industrial and urban to innovation solutions.

The combination of our proprietary capabilities, joint ventures with strategic international partners, and our extensive alliance network enables us to readily turn greenfield developments into vibrant, mega-scale industrial townships across the country.

Value Added Services

Complementing our key capabilities, we provide a range of value-added services to serve diverse customer and investor needs while ensuring seamless support and instant access.


Industrial Services

Delivering one-stop industrial solutions
Our holistic industrial infrastructure development capabilities allow us to tailor essential solutions for our customers. In an era of Industry 4.0 we apply strategic connectivity to optimise logistics operations, provide solutions to reduce set-up times and use smart energy to drive sustainability and innovate digital infrastructure.
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Urban Services

Creating perfect live-work-play environments
Becamex’s aggregated urban development capabilities enable us to proactively develop urban amenities and services, essential in attracting skilled workforces. We transform greenfield developments into vibrant townships that intensify and accelerate economic activities.
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Innovation Services

Driving innovation, empowering the future
Our innovation ecosystem promotes sustainable growth and enhances value for the group and our customers through initiatives spanning research and development, startup incubation, education, training and beyond.
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Partnering With Becamex

We seek to create long-term value and relationships with our clients. Working with hundreds of leading international and local companies, we are proud to deliver optimal investment solutions that meet their diverse and evolving needs.

Our strong foundation & international strategy makes Becamex the trusted partner of the world’s leading corporations, working in collaboration to continually deliver breakthrough solutions and raise industry standards.

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