Building An Eco-Industrial Urban Ecosystem, Smartly Aligned With ESG Criteria And Aiming For Net Zero

With a focus on sustainable development factors and creating advantages for investors pursuing ESG and Net Zero goals, we are at the forefront, collaborating with the World Bank to research and promote the development opportunities of the first Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) in Vietnam following the international framework EIP 2.0, while simultaneously meeting the criteria outlined by the government in Decree 35/2022 ND-CP. The new type of EIP ecosystem is an important and inevitable trend of the times, bringing numerous benefits in terms of economics, environment, society, and enhancing management efficiency, complementing Becamex’s existing Integrated Industrial-Urban-Service model.

In addition to providing comprehensive technical, service, and social infrastructure, we are progressively improving the management and operation model of the industrial park according to ESG criteria to fully support investors and spread throughout the community, all aimed at achieving a net zero emissions target by 2050.

Source: UNIDO

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) following the international framework EIP 2.0

Source: UNIDO, World Bank and GIZ


EIP Ecosystem Development Strategy Of Becamex

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