Science And Technology Industrial Park


The Next Generation Industrial Park Powered By Innovation

Science and Technology Industrial Park (STIP) is Becamex’s answer to innovation and industrial transformation imperatives. This regional innovation hub is our strategic initiative to create an ideal platform for talents and innovation stakeholders by:

  • Aggregating a complete innovation ecosystem and provide ease of access from education & training, R&D, technology commercialization to advanced manufacturing facilities.
  • Amplifying the adoption of science & technology in advanced manufacturing activities in other industrial parks and across the regional manufacturing landscape.

STIP’s Guiding Principles

Collaborative Innovation Value Chain

A one-stop destination that accommodates activities from science to industrial production. Seamless connectivity between zones, sub-zones and buildings encourages interaction and cross fertilization between industries, institutions and people vertically and horizontally.

STIP facilitates the productive co-location of academia, industry and R&D institutions with special allocations for test-beds and prototyping.

An Integrated Live-Work-Play Environment

Communities thrive on easy accessibility to everyday activities and services and environments with a holistic live-work-play lifestyle.


Extensive Green and Blue networks benefit communities with cleaner environments and enhanced sustainability features. Neighborhood parks, linear parks and green buffers immerse residents and workers in nature while providing access to recreational facilities, amenities and environmentally -friendly architectural features.


Vibrant and engaging public realm in key public areas and a variety of leisure amenities attracts talents and facilitates productive exchanges. Active piloting and application of new technologies & solutions to turn STIP into living labs for urban innovation.

4 Innovative Clusters

Including a mix of University Faculties, R&D and residential communities.

This complex is strategically designed for educational institutions, R&D centers, international corporations and entrepreneurs as a mixed-use development well connected by convenient transportation modes (e.g. road transit, bicycle, and pedestrian walkways), powered by clean energy and wired for digital technology to stimulate creativity and innovation.

Including factories and Business Park.

The manufacturing arm of the development, utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring innovative ideas to life. Adjacent to the highway, it can efficiently transport and distribute products and services from the site to Ho Chi Minh City.

Providing leisure activities such as golf courses, agri-food visitor centers as well as theme parks.

The Town Center will host the central Sports Facilities and Central Library, to be shared by all faculties and residents. The Auditorium will also co-host yearly events from the University community.

Providing predominantly high-quality residential developments and public facilities.

There are two residential communities, River Front to the North and Garden View to the South. Garden View is structured around a University and Civic Centre and provides ample high-quality amenities for residents.

Strategic Location

Crossroad of the Future HCM Expressway and National Highway 13, about 20 minutes away from Binh Duong New City and about 1 hour away from Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Our Offerings

Close academic – industry collaboration

ensures the supply of knowledge and manpower resources for innovation and industrial activities

State-of-the-art facilities

and interactive environment for research, experiment, and piloting

A vibrant entrepreneurship community

with one-stop access to technology, marketing, finance, mentoring and focused development support

High-quality ready-built infrastructure

empowers high-tech manufacturing companies to jump start operations through advanced and optimal production systems

Project Showcase

Who We Work With

We have been proactively working with innovation stakeholders to initiate collaborations within Becamex’s ecosystem, and finally bring them to the Science and Technology Industrial Park. We believe it is not only about the hardware, but the software to stimulate interaction and engagement within the ecosystem as an imperative.

Educational & Training / R&D Institutions

Binh Duong is home to many prestigious institutions, including Vietnam National University – HCMC, Vietnam German University, Eastern International University…

Becamex has been working closely with prestigious oversea and local institutions to foster industry – academic collaboration and facilitate an abundant supply of high quality, future-ready workforce for our manufacturing ecosystem.

STIP reserved a dedicated mega campus exclusively for education & training and R&D activities.

Global Tech Corporations

Being Vietnam’s largest industrial park developer group, we have an extensive manufacturing network to support global tech corporations to venture into Vietnam with:

  • Present your technology to our extensive network via exhibition events with WTC BDNC or Center of Excellence to bring your solutions closer to your customers.
  • Deploy manufacturing activities in Vietnam to leverage on emerging hi-tech clusters in Vietnam.
  • Set up R&D activities in close collaboration with academic institutions.

Tech Startups / SMEs

Becamex’s forward-looking innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem provides extensive support to tech startups and SMEs in bringing high value-added activities and strengthening our local value chain ecosystem.

Becamex Innovation Services

International Organizations & Government Agencies

Becamex has been proactively working with international organizations to foster exchange and collaboration.

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