Global Tech Ecosystem Builder And Connector


A technology-focused ecosystem builder and global business connector, Block71 Saigon, a strategic partnership between NUS Enterprise and Becamex IDC to catalyzes and aggregates start-up communities and promotes corporate open innovation initiatives.

Block71 Saigon

Block71 is an initiative by NUS Enterprise to form strategic partnerships with established corporations and government agencies in global cities (Singapore, San Francisco, Jakarta, Suzhou…).  It is a technology ecosystem builder and global connector which catalyzes and aggregates the start-up community, as well as spearheads new initiatives and provides mentorship and growth opportunities in local and global markets. Becamex is the strategic partner of NUS Enterprise to develop Block71 network in Vietnam.

Block71 global presence: Singapore, San Francisco, Jakarta, Suzhou, Nagoya, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Block71 Saigon
Ecosystem Builders

Block71 Saigon embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, collaboration and partnership by working closely with strategic partners: Universities; Corporates; Incubators/Accelerators; Venture Capital; Startups.

Global Gateway

Connecting the world with Vietnam, Binh Duong, and the Becamex innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Corporate Open Innovation

A platform that promotes corporate open innovation for Becamex IDC, partners, customers and the larger ecosystem.

Comprehensive Startup Support

Supporting both local outbound and global inbound activities and accelerates the development of the tech startup community.

Through supporting tech talents and connecting them to Block71’s global network of resources and contacts, it kickstarts their entrepreneurial journey and gains access to international markets: (1) Technology & IP; (2) Talent & training; (3) International markets; (4) Grants & funding; (5) Collaborative space; (6) Global community.

Key Activities

  • Booster programs
  • Office hour
  • Meet the VC
  • Kopi chat
  • Tech showcase

Activities & Events

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