Higher Education


The mission of the Eastern International University (EIU) is to provide a future-ready workforce for Binh Duong and the region, with a vision to become a knowledge center driving innovation and facilitating technology transfers through partnerships with leading international universities and corporations.

Eastern International University

Eastern International University was officially inaugurated and initiated its first courses in 2011, to foster collaboration between academia and industry.

EIU Website
  • Achieve the industrial and economic development goals of Becamex and Binh Duong.
  • Provide a high-quality workforce for industrial development.
  • Become the knowledge center and technology transfer hub for Binh Duong.
Core Values
  • Humanity
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
Mission & Vision
  • International links in training and high technology transfer.
  • Additional training, enhancement and updating of knowledge.
  • Connecting all levels and disciplines inside and outside the institution.
  • Scientific research and implementation of technical and technological services.
  • Cultural facilities serving the residential community in Binh Duong province and surrounding areas.

3 Faculties

  • Engineering – Technology
  • Management Science Administration
  • Health Science


Educational programs


Graduates with IELTS > 6.0

1,700 billion VND



Lecture rooms & laboratories

Campus Activities

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