Pilot Production Facilities And Services


We research and invest in building pilot testing and production facilities and services for students and the start-up community to support the hardware transition from prototyping to pilot production.

Our 15,000 m2 facility center, to be launched in 2021, will support the transition from prototyping to pilot production for hardware start-ups, with testing workshops, facilities, essential tools and equipment and services and will also enable prototype manufacturing and production scale-ups.

Aspire supports the development of high-tech manufacturing capabilities of Binh Duong; offers a wide range of assistance, from manufacturing facility, mechanical workshops to consulting and educational services, supporting research and development units to create a unique stepping-stone for innovative manufacturing community, on which they can rely to completely transform, grow and move into the new generation industrial park of Becamex – the Science and Technology Industrial Park.

Our Unique Services

Facility Rental

Provides high quality and flexible facilities made ready for manufacturing start-ups and SMEs to operate.

Outsourcing Services Platform

Creates and maintains a list of reliable, small scale focused suppliers to ensure the continuity of supplies for ASPIRE’s tenants.

Advanced Manufacturing Center

Offers prototyping and machining services, which focus on small MOQ, short lead-time and high flexibility orders, that meet the unique needs of our innovative manufacturing tenants.

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