Projects connected to Ho Chi Minh City, airports and ports


Following the regional economic planning approved by the Government and the Ministry of Transport, Binh Duong province has been proactive in investing in many projects to connect with Ho Chi Minh City and airports and ports in neighboring provinces and cities.

Expanding National Highway 13 to 8 lanes: The People’s Council of Binh Duong province has recently approved the project of renovating and expanding National Highway 13 linking Binh Duong – Ho Chi Minh City (the section from the welcome gate of Vinh Phu ward, Thuan An town to intersection with Le Hong Phong street, Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city) from 6 lanes to 8 lanes. Two extended lanes are located on the right from Ho Chi Minh City – Binh Duong.

In addition, the project also built two overpasses at the intersection of National Highway 13 – Ong Bo Bridge in Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An Town and the intersection at the gate of VSIP I Industrial Park. The project has a total budget of over 1,400 billion VND (excluding ground clearance costs), expected to be implemented from 2019 – 22.

My Phuoc – Tan Van road helps connect with Ho Chi Minh City, airport and seaport. This is considered one of the two connecting roads for Binh Duong economy (along with National Highway 13). My Phuoc – Tan Van road has just been put into operations, but is very busy and congested by trucks and containers carrying shipments.

My Phuoc – Tan Van road not only connects industrial parks in Binh Duong province but also connects with Ring road No. 3 and No. 4 in Ho Chi Minh City. This creates a route connecting Binh Duong with large transportation projects of the region, such as the new Eastern Bus Station, Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro station, Long Thanh airport and deep-water ports in Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Breakthrough solution for railway logistics

The study shows that in Vietnam logistics expenses account for nearly 21% of GDP, much higher than the EU 10%, Japan 11%, or Thailand 18%. According to Mr. Hung, one of the most important “keys” in regional connectivity today is to improve logistics, forming regional supply chains to increase connectivity and competitiveness in the international market.

“We are actively conducting research on specialized railways for general cargo transport in the Southern Key Economic Region, which enable us to deploy logistics centers, large logistics, and lower transportation logistics cost and time. Thus, it will also help to reduce pressure on roads, congestion, traffic accidents, and reduce emissions to protect the environment, etc. From the experience of other countries, this is a feasible and highly effective solution, yet there remains a need for direct support from the Government, ministries and local authorities. There are some important issues needed to be addressed such as compensation for site clearance, railway construction and mechanisms for logistics businesses” – said Mr. Nguyen Van Hung.


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