Binh Duong named on ICF’s Smart21 list


The World Smart Community Forum (ICF) has just released a list of 21 cities honored as cities with the world’s smart city development strategy (Smart 21) in 2019.

ICF said that the evaluation and ranking of cities are considered on many criteria, including quantitative and qualitative indicators. The evaluation of the smart cities’ strategy of building cities is done by an objective group of ICF experts, taking into account the international comparison, the competitiveness of the community in terms of the economy, social and cultural of the cities.

Developed Infrastructures

To be on the ICF’s list, Binh Duong must meet many strict criteria. For example, in terms of  the internet broadband connection criteria that ICF assessed as important for the economic development as clean water and transportation, Binh Duong had to build an extensive fiber optic internet system. All the copper cables in the industrial parks within the province are replaced with the new fiber optics cables. In addition, ICF also evaluates criteria such as the knowledge workforce, innovation, and equality when approaching digital technology  to assess and rank cities.

The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network headquartered in New York, USA. It is a renowned worldwide organization with a network of over 180 Intelligent Communities around the world.

Triple Helix

Binh Duong’s “Smart City” development strategy has been carefully researched and taken seriously. The Provincial Party Committee and the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province approved the project to build a “Smart City”. The project will be the main pillar to link the “3 houses” which are the: State – Institution – Business.

This is a model learned and implemented by Binh Duong based on the “3 houses” model of Eindhoven city, Netherlands. The “Smart City” project in Binh Duong is actively involved by businesses and universities. In particular, Becamex IDC Corporation continues to play a leading role in attracting investment and developing infrastructure for the province. Universities, in particular the Eastern International University has promoted the role of not only a training institution, but also has contributed to the policy of developing and promoting the province’s investment image. Rarely does a development project promote the role of the State – Institution – Businesses in the same project, with the same equality as in Binh Duong.


특집 기사

Breakthrough for Binh Duong

The Smart City Project ,with clear and practical objectives for socio-economic development is the driving force for Binh Duong to make significant breakthroughs after years of investment. Mr. Tran Van Nam, Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee commented that Binh Duong Smart City Project, which connects governments, institutes and […]

Japanese quality internet in Binh Duong

TTO – The cooperation with Japanese investor will bring significantly improve the quality of the internet and related services in Binh Duong and other provinces, and this is part of Binh Duong Smart City project. Japanese- FDI Vietnam NTT Company and Becamex IDC’s subsidiary – VNTT signed a business cooperation […]