Driving Innovation, Accelerating Growth

For over three decades, Becamex has played a pivotal role in transforming Binh Duong’s remarkable industrialization and socio-economic development. Our successful industrial ecosystem development model has driven Binh Duong to become the country’s leading manufacturing hub and has been scaled across the country.

The pioneering spirit instilled in our DNA drives us towards new frontiers. Looking ahead, our enterprising commitment is to continue shaping Vietnam’s future urban and industrial landscape while contributing to local and national socio-economic and industrial development.

A Continual Journey Of Transformation

From our humble beginnings in 1976 as a district-level, state-owned trading company, we embarked on an ambitious journey of sustainable transformation empowered and emboldened by the spirit of continuous learning and innovation. Today, Becamex is proudly known as Vietnam’s leading industrial and urban real estate developer.

Becamex is the key driver behind Binh Duong’s remarkable industrialization during the past 3 decades. Yet, it remains our shared commitment to accelerate the economic transformation of Vietnam, moving up the global value chain, embracing the Industry 4.0 revolution and beyond. For companies investing in high-value manufacturing activities, Becamex remains the go-to solution for one-stop services and access to skilled talent within our group ecosystem.

Becamex has been the ideal partner for investors as we provide solutions that address our customers’ pain points. Investors can access high standard integrated industrial park and township development solutions, skilled human resources, and forward-looking infrastructure development. Which is why, at Becamex, we strongly believe that our customers’ success is our success.

Chapter 1 – Company Inception
Ben Cat General Trade Company (Becamex), predecessor of Becamex Corporation, was officially established.
Chapter 2 – Developing Industrial Parks
We started developing the first industrial park. Provide integrated supporting infrastructure, proper masterplan, dedicated management authority.
Chapter 3 – Developing Integrated Industrial Parks & Township Ecosystem
Moved to the period of synchronous development of industry – service – urban areas (starting with Becamex My Phuoc Industrial Park), developing transportation connecting seaports – airports and surrounding provinces.
Chapter 4 – Transforming With An Innovation Ecosystem
Empowering innovation for continual development through the establishment of an innovation ecosystem.
After more than 30 years of accelerating growth, Becamex IDC has become the leading prestigious industrial and urban real estate developer in Vietnam.

Chairman’s Message

Since our industrial park business inception over 30 years ago, Becamex has become the leading industrial and urban real estate developer in Vietnam.

The pioneering spirit instilled in our DNA drives innovation in all we do, from piloting Vietnam’s first one-stop administrative service at the first Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, to developing the first transportation BOT for the National Highway 13 and creating an exemplary model of integrated industrial development, future-proofing our path with Science & Technology Industrial Parks and many other audacious strategies.

This proud achievement is the result of the collaboration and dedication of many generations and more than 3,000 current employees who consistently embrace the die-hard spirit of “driving innovation to accelerate growth”.

As the leading industrial and urban real estate developer in Vietnam, we are catalyzing and contributing to socio-economic growth, enabling better living and working conditions for the community.


Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

To be the leading industrial and urban real estate developer that contributes to Vietnam’s socio-economic growth.

At Becamex, our success comes with supporting, connecting and catalyzing progress, developing and driving shared prosperity, and shaping sustainable values for the community.

Our Core Values


Relentlessly exploring new areas
for constant growth.


Agility to innovate round-the-clock
to enable growth.


Always doing right for people, business and the community.


Empowering people, and respecting
relationships and partnerships.


Dedication with a can-do spirit
and leveraging on our collective strengths.

Your Trusted Partner In Industrial And Urban Real Estate Development

For over 30 years, Becamex has built an extensive network of Integrated Industrial Parks and Townships at strategic locations across the country supported by best-in-class solutions.

Our Businesses

No.1 Vietnam

The largest infrastructure developer


Investors attracted, from 64 countries and territories

1 Million+

Jobs created


Units of social housing invested

Awards & Accolades

We are proudly recognized by our customers, partners and the government for our leadership and contribution in shaping the future of the industrial landscape in Binh Duong province and Vietnam.

Top 50
Best Listed Companies of Vietnam in 2021
Ranked 1st
Top 10 most prestigious Industrial Real Estate Enterprises of Vietnam in 2021 & 2022
Ranked 67th
Top 500 largest Enterprises of Vietnam – VNR500
Ranked 44th
Top 1,000 Vietnam’s largest Corporate Income Tax Payers – V1000
First, Second, and Third class of the Labor Medals
Awarded to the Collective and Individuals of Becamex by the President of the State
Many times recipient of the Certificates of Merit
Awarded by the President of the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province

Striving For Smart And Sustainable Growth

With a long-term vision, we focus on creating sustainable value in the development of the community, economy, environment and society.

Our Sustainability Efforts