Public Transportation


A seamlessly integrated Japanese-standard public transportation system, including public buses, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Metro lines ensures ease of connectivity and smooth commuting in our industrial parks and townships.

Becamex Tokyu Bus

Becamex Tokyu Bus Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 to expand and enhance Binh Duong New City’s amenities and to create excellent connectivity with Thu Dau Mot City and surrounding areas.

KAZE – Becamex Tokyu Bus is the first Japanese standard public transport service in Vietnam:

  • Excellent on-time performances.
  • Clean, comfortable seatings and fully equipped with free wifi.
  • Japanese customer service-trained drivers.
  • Eco-friendly CNG buses.
Becamex Tokyu Bus Website

Metro Line Project

Leveraging Tokyu Corp’s deep expertise to seamlessly connect Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong New City via the development of the metro line and chain of TOD (Transit-oriented Development) townships.

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