The Smart City Project

The Smart City

The Smart City Project of Binh Duong was built based on 05 groundbreaking programs of the Provincial Party Committee of Binh Duong Province during 2016-2020. Specifically, the project aims to bring together many resources both at home and abroad, aiming at new values ​​of the regional and global economy in the 21st century, whilst placing people and knowledge at the center and taking “”smart”” cooperation as a guideline for development. The goal of the project is to reach a flexible, creative economy, able to adapt to the changes of the world, in which the Triple Helix model (State – Institute/University – Business) is the foundation.

Learning from the model of Eindhoven (Netherlands), Binh Duong province approaches the idea of ​​smart city in a different way, different from the conventional approaches that consider smart city as a place to apply advanced technology to address specific social issues. From the perspective of Binh Duong, the concept of smart city can be understood as a dynamic, creative and connected ecosystem, in which all elements are constantly being improved, innovated and optimized.

Smart City is operated by 2 Mechanisms (the triple helix and flexible mechanism), 4 Aspects (human, technology, business and foundation elements) and 6 Criteria (ability to connect broadband connection, knowledge workforce, innovation, equal access to digital technology, sustainable development, support – encouragement).
This direction helps Binh Duong to comprehensively develop the community, emphasizing the human factor and the source of knowledge labor, and considers the advanced research and application of science and technology to serve the people and business. This can be considered as a strategic visioning approach of Binh Duong, both meeting the development goals of the province and fitting the general trend of smart communities around the world.

Triple helix

Criteria for program implementation



Support And








High Quality
Labor Force


Recently, the Binh Duong Smart City project has achieved fundamental results. The provincial units have actively implemented many new ideas and specific projects with practical efficiency ranging from the New City area to the whole province. The project is strongly contributing to the socio-economic development of Binh Duong province, especially making breakthroughs in integration, expanding international relations, attracting investment partners, and gradually securing Binh Duong’s position into the international stage.

The province is forming a coordination mechanism that is flexible, transparent, and increasingly effective, not only in the overall scale but also in the mode of operating specific projects. 2018 marked an important milestone, when Binh Duong officially joined the World Technopolis Association (WTA) and at the same time with UNESCO, WTA and Daejeon City (Korea) successfully hosting the 20th Anniversary of WTA combined with Global Innovation Forum in the Binh Duong New City.


Becamex IDC accompanies the Smart City program

The Smart City project is the basis for Binh Duong Province to build deeper linkages and mobilize domestic and international resources. Since then, improving the value of production, economic development, industry, education and training, services, improving the quality of labor, life and working environment for people. Aiming to create new and truly greater values ​​according to the orientation plan for the next 5 years and 10 years to meet the new requirements of Binh Duong province. In parallel with the aforementioned efforts, Becamex IDC has played a key role in the process of forming and implementing the Binh Duong Smart City project.

Science and Technology Industrial Park

An ideal destination for high value-added manufacturing industries:

University village, where applied science organizations are concentrated:
 + High – quality labor force.
 + Science and technology transfer
 + Innovative Startups

The Science and Technology Industrial Park has modern and synchronous infrastructure including:
 + Conveniently and strategically located infrastructure system
 + High – quality utility infrastructure
 + Broadband coverage across the region

University area, ideal living environment:
 + Comprehensive and convenient services
 + Environmentally friendly ecosystem
 + Active lifestyle

Human Resources For The Future

Build strong links between institutions and enterprises
+ R&D cooperation (R&D and Technology transfer)
+ Human resources development

International Cooperation
+ Applying innovative teaching methods and international quality accreditation
+ Exchange with world’s leading applied research centers

Building an innovative ecosystems
+ FabLab / TechLab
+ Becamex Business Incubator

Developing Smart Logistics

In order for Binh Duong to continue to lead in the quality of transport and logistics infrastructure, Becamex IDC is working with partners to develop a smart logistics transport corridor including: railways and waterways connecting from businesses in the industrial parks to airports and international seaports.